As unthrilled I am to have to link to Spin Magazine to make this happen... you can now listen to the entirety of the new Black Dice record on their site. It also comes with a track-by-track breakdown of themes. Mr. Impossible comes out on April 10th on Ribbon Music, and it's the band's first record in three years. "Pinball Wizard" and "Pigs" are the two album singles which have been released so far. Pre-ordering the record now will get you a special edition hand-numbered and individually-screened LP, limited to 350 copies! See the full post for album stream, tour dates, and music video for "Pigs."


Seattle's Flatcolor Gallery is taking a hiatus for the summer! But before then, they will be moving out of their long-standing Pioneer Square location (528 1st Ave. S, Seattle), and are inviting you to join them for a folkloric show of Stacey Rozich's new works. The opening is tomorrow, April 5th, from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. Select pieces are displayed below, and more can be see here.


See our interview with Stacey Rozich, Patterns Of Renewal


The nine-person Brooklyn disco band Midnight Magic have released a suite of materials in the past week, in celebration of their new EP, What The Eyes Can't See, out today on Midnight Sun Sound! Included in this post are their new video for "Drop Me A Line," a Holy Ghost! remix of the same track, and a catchy B-side single called "Psycho For Your Love." RAWR.

What The Eyes Can’t See EP Tracklist 1. What The Eyes Can't See 2. Heat 3. Julio 4. Calling Out 5. Psycho For Your Love (Bonus) 6. Magic Midnight (Bonus) Listen to Holy Ghost!'s remix for Midnight Magic's "Drop Me A Line"DOWNLOAD MP3
Listen to Midnight Magic's "Psycho For Your Love"DOWNLOAD MP3


Download Midnight Magic Remix for Panama's "Magic"


Bear In Heaven go hyper warp-speed, a shade mustacheless, and definitely hi-resolution on their new video for "Reflection Of You," directed by John Lee of the PFFR art collective. Is it obnoxious? Kind of. But if you stick around to the halfway point, you'll be...

YEAR ZERO Vehicles, dirt, and griminess recalling those from Black Mountain's video for "Old Fangs" receive a colorful lift via projections in caves, beautiful sunsets, hot babes, and...

Netherlands-based photographer Jan Reurink can't get enough of Tibet, and captures Tibetan landscape and everyday life with a dedicated selfless passion. In our brief Q&A with Reurink below, he tells us about the rainbow plethora of reasons he keeps returning to the sacred land.
Tibet - Jan Reurink The prayer flags in this image are wind horses; they are called རླུང་རྟ་ -- or lungta. They serve as an allegory for the human soul, and now ritually used as a symbol of well-being and good fortune in Tibet. Tibet - Jan Reurink The mountain range of Mount Ti Se (གངས་ཏེ་སེའི་རི་རྒྱུད or gangs te se'i ri rgyud/ gangté serigyü). Also called the Kailash Mountain Range.

Finding an artist like Seth Haley, the man behind the electronic project Com Truise, is quite refreshing. Rather than trying to downplay the ‘80s artists and aesthetics that have inspired him -- for fear of being constantly compared to those references -- Haley venerably turns his influences into transfixing and educational works. "I love to expose my sources; my favorite thing is the source," Haley says. "It's really what drives me or anyone to do any certain thing, whatever that source may be."


Two Mile Hallow, NY Sunset 7:22pm Sometimes there are images that speak volumes despite their complexity of form, or even of concept. It seems photographer Eric Cahan gets around -- and his minimal photographs of the sky, which document sunsets on the East Coast, West Coast, and...