Our third-annual album cover art feature uses interviews with artists and musicians to highlight the philosophical, thematic, and conceptual significance of great album cover artwork. THE BREAKDOWN    12 Collage + 14 Digital Illustration, Drawing, Design + 19 Illustration, Painting, Drawing + 8 Black And White Photography + 22 Color Photography + 6 Deluxe Packaging + 10 Fashion, Sculpture, Installation _____________________________    91 Album Covers For 2011 Best Of 2011 Album Cover Art

Adventure - Lesser Known
Using a purely spontaneous creative process that begins with nothing more than a general interest, Elena Johnston created an album cover for Adventure that musically and thematically captures the band's dynamic spirit.
QUOTES FROM: ELENA JOHNSTON, DESIGNER THEMES & CONCEPTS "I had been working with the idea of framing compelling found images with other found images to play with texture and spacial relations. I was also really into water imagery and space imagery at the time, so I played with how these two ideas visually and conceptually play with each other." THE EXTRAS "I hand-drew the typography, and it was eventually printed in glossy ink onto the matte finish of the image, so it stands out more." Record Label Carpark Records The Artists Design - Elena Johnston Booklet Design - Benny Boeldt Mediums & Materials Collage, Digital
Adventure "Rio" by Carpark Records

This in-depth feature highlights how well-executed album artwork can go beyond genre lines to expand into territories of philosophical, thematic, and conceptual significance. Perhaps now more than ever, album cover artwork plays a vital role in music....

On Lo & Behold, Emil & Friends have assembled a pop album the way a mash-up DJ might piece together a mix. By incorporating a wide-reaching mélange of elements, the band has created a playful universe of sound where just about anything they can dream up goes.


See all Emil & Friends-related posts From track to track and within each track itself, the possibilities are... unpredictable. "Rain Check," with its groovy basslines and horns, could soundtrack a New York street party in the middle of a summer; "Mask Like Face" begins as a traditional indie pop track but explodes into digitized voice manipulations that cavort with strings and electronic blips. "C.U.P.I.D." rolls with modern hip-hop swagger yet bears proggy guitar breakdowns; "Flashback" starts off peacefully nostalgic but builds into a cheesy '80s guitar solo that disappears just as quickly as it appears. Listen to "Crystal Ball" - DOWNLOAD MP3


bass drum of death Garage rock junkies apply within. Bass Drum Of Death's pure and unabated psych rock is sure to catch some people by surprise at SXSW 2011. Their new material is far more tuneful and engaging than their original demos, making Bass Drum Of...

Emil & Friends' new EP, Downed Economy, is perhaps best exemplified by its opening track and title track. Although the most upbeat track on the EP, "Downed Economy" shares similarities with the other songs by featuring an abundance of electronic sound clips, trickling into the ear like watery drips. This...