Author - Akoiya Harris

Akoiya Harris is a movement artist based in Seattle Washington. Her work uses a queer Black gaze to look at the ways art holds personal and communal histories. As a choreographer, she has shown work at the Seattle Art Museum, Wa Na Wari, Mad Art Gallery, Base Art Space, Friends of the Waterfront, Northwest Film Forum, The Moore Theater, and 12th Ave Arts. Akoiyas practice is rooted in finding the ways oral history, archival research, and poetry can be interwoven into dance works. She has also performed with Spectrum Dance Theater, Will Rawls, Zoe|Juniper, Third Rail Projects, and Black Collectivity. Akoiya has collected oral histories on the behalf of Wa Na Wari and Black Collectivity and participated in Black Embodiments Studio. She also has the pleasure of teaching at Pacific Northwest Ballet and Ailey Camp.

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