"Partnering hip-hop artists with charitable causes is nothing that I made up... but they're infrequently covered by the media, perhaps, unless they're related to a tragedy." -- Dessa
Over the years, Dessa has been able to stand out from the Doomtree collective, which is apparent on her most recent album, Castor, the Twin which recalls the halcyon days of conscious hip-hop groups like The Fugees, Questionmark Asylum, and the Pharcyde. With her cemented individuality apart from the likes of P.O.S. and Lazerbeak, Dessa sees her nonprofit outreach as a bonus part of her burgeoning success. Typically, when musicians reach out to the community, it's something that coincides with attempting to make public amends for some misdeed. With Doomtree's singer/emcee, Dessa, she's reaching out to communities in need, sans agenda or public relations retooling; she's helping people because she can and wants to. PHOTOGRAPHY BY KAI BENSON