One of the more profound conclusions I've arrived at over the last several years involves acknowledging the hyper-potency emanating forth from works of art heavily influenced by various, yet seemingly disparate, spiritual disciplines. Rather than relying on a single monotheistic dogma, I've found that taking in the writings of say, Grant Morrison, or the films of Alejandro Jodorowsky -- which draw their inspiration from a tireless study of both ancient and new age concepts -- actually transforms my psychic reality in a surprisingly coherent manner that I once thought unimaginable. It's as if by triangulating data about exotic states of consciousness and reconfiguring them as entertainment, the artist is tapping into common and objective truths about the cerebral multiverse which possess the ability to impregnate my psyche with the ability to boldly transcend consensus reality.

Which brings me to Midday Veil's brilliant and much-anticipated studio full-length LP (well, as a full band anyway), Eyes All Around, which has a title and album art that pays tribute to The Thousand-Eyed God Within experience, which is one of the most commonly reported of psychedelic hallucinations. Since so many people, including myself, have experienced such eerily similar ecstatic visions over the last several thousand years, at what point do we, as a culture, have to acknowledge that they fall far beyond the veil of subjective hallucination? These are all pertinent questions, as our species rockets toward what Terrence Mckenna referred to as, "the great singularity," with an increasingly ferocious rapidity.

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