Drawing from antiquated influences and software, directors Dawid Krepski and Jason Chiu translate the hazy pop sounds of New York musician Beca into a narrative about the understanding and acceptance of the self, whatever that may look like. Below, both directors and Beca answer a brief Q&A about the creative process and underlying message of the "Fall Into Light".


"The title 'Fall Into Light' is a bit of a paradox since I associate light with upward movement, and the concept of falling makes me think of darkness. So it's this juxtaposition of light and dark which can be taken literally or figuratively, and I like that it's left open for interpretation. Maybe it means opening opening up yourself enough to see your true self." - Beca


5. Beach House

Beach House are one of those bands that people kept talking about -- you know, those buzz bands that get hyped up and are made out to be the new cool thing to listen to. However, Beach House actually does live up to all the hype. The indie rock duo is truly amazing; lead vocalist Victoria Legrand has a haunting yet soothing voice that is at once familiar and distant. Their atmospheric dream pop is slow and steady but has an effortless cool that commands your attention from the moment you hear it.


4. Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear are one of those indie bands who I've listened to here and there, but I've never really gotten into them, for whatever reason. I'd seen their music video for their song, "Ready, Able" and thought it was one of the coolest artistic things I'd ever seen, and it really got me interested in them as a band. As a result, I made it a point to see them perform at Coachella. Their performance had a brooding swagger that seems to fit perfectly with their melodic vocals and Brooklyn vibe. Their more upbeat songs had the crowd swinging and singing along with the band, while the slower, more hypnotic songs lulled the audience into a dreamy and intimate state. Their music is layered with harmonies and filled with depth and texture, and their unique delivery made them one of the best live shows at the festival for sure.


3. Thom Yorke and Flea

Seeing Thom Yorke perform live is one thing, but seeing him on the same stage as Flea, from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, is almost overwhelming. These two guys are living legends, so it was pretty special to see them collaborating on a new project together. Flea was doing what he does best -- playing funky riffs on the bass and dancing around the stage like a madman. He is such a rock and roll veteran that he knows when to work the crowd, but also knows when to fade in the background and let Yorke shine. It was quite the sight to see both of them having so much fun on the same stage. Yorke and Flea basically played Yorke's solo album, The Eraser, in its entirety, as well as some other Radiohead songs. This was probably one of the most anticipated shows of the festival, and the energy in the air was electric.