On my way to see AM & Shawn Lee at Missisippi Studios, I really had to give myself a stern talkin' to. Despite the fact that I had muchos time to kill, I didn't really feel like watching that evening's opening bands. I've recently become kind of jaded about taking a chance on openers, because so very many are underwhelming. It's a sad truth. So, in defiance of my journalistic duties, I travel across town as lethargically as possible, but still arrive in time to catch the last few songs from the first opener, Adventure Galley. There's a lot that I might say about their set, including that the lead singer's pants are hyper-confusing -- but let's just keep it simple. With every song, Adventure Galley make me feel grumpier about my decision to come early. And though I'd heard good things about Seattle's Don't Talk To The Cops! from other REDEFINE writers, I vow that if they too offer up an Amateur Hour, I'll defect and gorge myself on Mississippi Studios' delectable french fries instead. Luckily, Don't Talk To The Cops! soon prove that they have the chops to save me from unnecessary fatness, as well as make me feel much more pleased about the state of music in general. Thank yorb.
June 13th, 2013 @ Mississippi Studios - Portland, OR


Due the unfortunate fact that we are merely human and Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) is just beginning its three-week film rampage, we've sifted through the Festival's gigantic catalog to come up with the best films of the bunch -- or so we suspect. SIFF is annually guaranteed to have a mixture of some of the best and worst films that one can see -- and these film recommendations come from the minds of three REDEFINE writers with good intentions. Yet at best, these selections are our most educated hypotheses, determined from a mixture of film industry knowledge and intuitions based on trailers. Below, we've grouped our selections for 2013 by world region. Stay tuned in the weeks to come, as we offer updates throughout the festival's progression, with general thumbs up and thumbs down summaries of the films we will painfully and enjoyably slog and float through, as well as one-off full-length reviews. Happy SIFFing!