Started in Beijing seven years ago, the Modern Sky Festival is now one of many big music festivals that take place across China put on by its namesake company, Modern Sky Entertainment. On the weekend of October 4th and 5th, Modern Sky took the plunge into the US market, starting in New York City, where you can't throw a rock on any given day without hitting some kind of festival.Modern Sky Festival 2014The weather, too, wasn't exactly cooperative. An outdoor concert in a Northern city in October is always going to be a gamble, and had Modern Sky taken place a weekend earlier, it would have basked in unseasonable warmth. Instead, less fortunately, the barometer ended up taking its first real dip into fall teh weekend of the festival, and a long Saturday morning rainstorm left puddles across Rumsey Playfield -- some of which were still lingering after everything wrapped up on Sunday evening.
Modern Sky Festival
My experience at Musicfest NW this year went a little less smoothly than usual. There were decisions that needed to be made, and bands that needed to be missed because they played just slightly out of the means of timely transportation (as generally confined to by bicycle and bus). As a result, I definitely saw some shows I could have lived redwithout. Similarly, I didn't see any shows this year which I felt were particularly mind-altering (see: Om from last year) or unbelievably hilarious (see: Crom from last year), but it was a good time nonetheless. Here are my most memorable acts from the weekend.


Morning Teleportation

I'd been wanting to see Morning Teleportation for a while after meeting a couple of them at Sasquatch Festival this year. They just pretty much seemed like nice, straight-forward, and positive fellows, and they proved this to be true at Hawthorne Theater. Because they were opening up for the infamously energetic Man Man, the crowd was ridiculously amped. It was one of the highest-energy rock shows I've seen in Portland, and Morning Teleportation's brand of psychedelic pop hit the sweet spot. It didn't even matter that no one seemed to know who they were despite the fact that they're Portland natives (cries of, "What band is this?" and "Does anyone know what band this is?" abounded... and it seemed like no one knew but us) or that their music is actually quite stilted and genre-hops without warning. Let's just say that there's probably a reason Morning Teleportation are opening for The Flaming Lips for a string of tour dates; they exude nothing but positive vibes and show a boatload of promise.


The online indie shop Insound have put together a series of poster and t-shirt designs for a bunch of bands that are the who's who of indie rock right now. Here are some of the posters from that series -- the best ones, actually. Some bands got slightly unexciting creations...

The appropriately-titled Ghosts is the final album from long-running Drive Like Jehu-inspired outfit, Nakatomi Plaza. Surprisingly, it starts off on a far more melodic note than on their previous release, Unsettled. With tunes like "Artificial Light" and "Requiem," the NP are going for more a straightforward punk sound, as opposed...