See Me River – Time Machine Album Review

Sometimes the best records are the ones you don’t get off on the right foot with. I can honestly say that I one hundred percent hated bands like Guided By Voices and Sonic Youth after my initial encounters with them, and now they’re some of my absolute faves. Which was kind of my experience with See Me River.

I tried to get into this a couple of times but to no avail. Then, through the miracles of modern technology, some of the songs randomly came up among the fifteen thousand or so others I have loaded in my iPod while on shuffle. I was intrigued. Upon further inspection, this guy, who used to be in a band called Das Llamas, should be right up there among the current hierarchy of Seattle’s indie rock elite. He’s got that much charisma. Charming songs about drinking, lost love, dying in car crashes, and well… drinking, come across as simultaneously charming, haunting, and infectious. My only complaint is that a guy with a weird voice writing songs about drinking, lost love, dying in car crashes, and again, drinking, is kind of exactly what you’d expect coming out of Capitol Hill circa 2009.


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