Acid Tiger – Self-Titled Album Review

Acid Tiger have something to strut, for sure. Their self-titled debut, featuring Ben Koller from Converge on the drums, is a psychedelic mind trick — equal parts funky riffs, southern rock, and progressive rock all jumbled together in a mind-bogglingly cohesive fashion. The album effortlessly jogs between all the genres.


The opening track, “The Claw,” opens with a progressive bass riff behind Koller’s frenzied drumming. The vocals retain that sort of rock and roll sass that seems to be forgotten nowadays, that sass you want to hate but have to respect cause its more rock and roll than you’ll ever be. “The Claw” even throws in a pretty funky breakdown in the middle, but it’s clear after this one song that Acid Tiger are just as interested in putting the fun back into rock and roll as they are with destroying the notion of the constraints of piecing a song together. “Big Beat” builds into a frenzied punk song before fading out into a 90-second Koller drum solo, just in time to close it out in a blistering ten second blast of noise.

This debut is an album only full of good surprises and promise. Acid Tiger quickly pack up and switch directions without so much as a warning, and the unsettling nature of this experience is what makes it even better. It’s a fun album that requires some thought and dedication to make it through. It’s a challenge, but in the end well worth it.


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