Everyone Everywhere – Self-Titled Album Review

Lately, there’s been an influx of bands like Look Mexico, Daikon and Everyone Everywhere who are taking cues from great bands like The Promise Ring, American Football, and Owls — all the great Jade Tree and Polyvinyl groups that made making mixtapes and sweater vests acceptable in the early 2000s.

Everyone Everywhere’s self-titled album is particularly great because it’s no frills and entirely enjoyable. In fact, I think the press release for this album has more frills than the record itself.

“Rar Bar OBX 2002” segues into “From The Beginning To The Tail” in such a way where you feel like you’re listening to a mixtape yourself. The album is easy on the ears and recalls a time when kids jammed out to both Hot Water Music and Mineral.

As divided as underground music is today, Everyone Everywhere has enough energy, melody, and diversity in their songs for people from all walks of life to enjoy, which is why labels like Jade Tree were so crucial over a decade ago. Time may have passed and not been good to those bands, but there’s a future for these new jack bands who are continuing on in a much beloved legacy.


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