Twin Sister – In Heaven Album Review

Long Island-based quintet Twin Sister put out two wonderfully dreamy indie pop EPs between 2008 and 2010, and then quietly retreated to the studio, leaving us hanging until this September. Their debut full-length, In Heaven, expands upon their atmospheric sound, giving them room to explore and waver between slower songs that display the beautiful voice of lead singer Andrea Estella, and upbeat pop tunes that breeze airily by. They’re all over the map, in the best possible way, with songs like “Gene Ciampi” sounding like ’50s Serge Gainsbourg (or even the more modern Francophiles, Les Sans Culottes) and the electropop song “Bad Street,” my personal favorite track, cheekily accented by ’80s synthy keyboard notes.

Ultimately, there is just something unexplainably magical about Twin Sister, something secret that only you as the listener can interpret. Their songs are like the musical equivalent of a twinkle in the eye. Take, for example, the song “Kimmi In A Rice Field.” It sounds almost as if the band has awoken from a dream — a dream in which pixies are dancing around in a rice field — and then decided to document it. Actually, “magic pixie rock” is a good subgenre with which to label Twin Sister; they’re something to listen to while you’re caught up in your own imagination, especially on the lazy weekends (“Saturday Sunday” is the perfect example), and perhaps with the whole family! Rarely do albums cross genres enough to be considered “good enough to listen to with your kids” but Twin Sister definitely hit that mark with In Heaven.


Twin Sister aren’t necessarily a trailblazing band, but they have cornered a very interesting part of the indie rock market that is only recently becoming popular. Their debut album is a great statement to push them forward, even if there aren’t any recognizable hits that stick with you (see “Lady Daydream” from their 2010 Color Your Life EP). Though not exactly “twee”, Twin Sister clearly have a good knowledge of the music that they reference, and it’s all in good fun. On In Heaven, Twin Sister’s dreamscapes paint a vivid picture for those who are willing to indulge themselves in some light indie pop fantasy world.

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