Bleep: Shit Robot, Nicolas Jaar, Carl Craig, Elite Gymnastics, Duke Dumont

Bleep is a weekly column focusing on varying degrees of electronic music news, videos and MP3s. This week we feature the new Shit Robot 12″, a mix from the impeccable Nicolas Jaar, another Carl Craig project to keep track of, and more. Read previous Bleep columns here.


Shit Robot

Marcus Lambkin’s debut record From the Cradle to the Rave was a long time in the making, over a decade in fact, but since then the German producer has had his foot on the gas. After a string of excellent singles and remixes in support of the album, Lambkin returns to Shit Robot in 2012 with a brand new 12″ and the announcement of a singles series. “Space Race/Teenage Bass” is the first single in the Green Machine series, a line of brand new tracks from Lambkin. Although no specific timetable has been set for the releases, it’s a sign of commitment to new music from this incredibly talented producer, and I’m all for that. “Space Race” is a pure house track, a booming trip through late-90’s and early-00’s dance music. It’s a return to his roots in a sense, as it’s the kind of music Lambkin was making when he first got together with James Murphy and company over at DFA Records. “Teenage Bass” follows a similar patterns, a track molded from a singular beat extrapolated over seven tense and twisting minutes. Although this 12″ doesn’t match some of From the Cradle to the Rave’s often goofy nature, this new release is certianly worth checking out. Green Machine vol. 1 is out this week on DFA Records, and you can listen to both tracks HERE.


Nicolas Jaar

New York by-way-of Chile producer Nicolas Jaar took everybody by surprise in 2011 with Space is Only Noise, an amazingly poignant and minimal electronic effort, a record which still sounds effortless yet will ultimately become timeless. Jaar recently delivered the newest BBC Essential Mix for the British radio program, and to say that it’s essential would be redundant but it shouldn’t lose its meaning; this mix is amazing. Don’t mind the *NSYNC track; Jaar even manages to make the boy band cool again. Everyone from Aphex Twin to Feist, to Marvin Gaye and Jay-Z are included on the mix, so you know Jaar’s influences don’t side with a specific era or genre. Stream or download the entire show below, and head over HERE to read the entire tracklist.


Carl Craig

As if the story of legendary Detroit techno producer Carl Craig wasn’t already confusing enough, this week marks the launch of yet another moniker for this house veteran. Last Decade EP is due out this week on Craig’s very own Planet E records, but will be issued under the name Carls Davis. The reason for this move is unknown, but considering his already elaborate buffet of aliases, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Last Decade is comprised of six ‘sketches,’ which, judging from the sampler below, sound as though they were recorded mostly around the same time period. Craig even borrows a bit from Detroit hip-hop on “Sketch 2.” Planet E’s vinyl offerings are always top notch, so if you like what you hear head over to their website for more.


Elite Gymnastics

One of the most consistently impressive record labels, Acephele, recently put out Elite Gymnastics’ Ruin 4 in a rather lavish package. Boasting a t-shirt, digipak CD, a few buttons and a poster, the entire package is a tribute the Minneapolis duo’s awkward but inviting persona. A world filled with referential Dragon Quest images and oversized clothing. “Life/Trap” is the same hazy, frantic electro-pop that we’ve come to know and love, making a great argument for fans to pick up the revamped edition of Ruin 4. Order the package here.


Duke Dumont

This London producer and remixer has been on my radar since his terrific 2007 EP Regality. Since then, Dumont has dabbled mostly in the remix and DJ scene, but this year he’s embarking on an entirely new and original series of singles. Turbo Recordings, who also released Regality, will be putting out an unspecified number of For Club Play Only singles, starting with Vol. 1 this week. It’s less wacky and grimy than his previous material, but the acid house influences on “Thunder Clap” are a welcome surprise. It’s Dumont at his most mature and grounded place, a sound that’s not entirely unique but unquestionably perfected. Order the vinyl now on Turbo.


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