Seer could be seen as a New World Symphony of a vast, prehistoric continent that exists only in your mind. Or in a galaxy far, far away. Music has been attempting to describe nature for as long as there's been music -- attempting to evoke a babbling brook or the spring rain, through a keyboard or the beating of stones. The story of music could be seen as man's attempt to get closer to nature, to describe what it is to be human and what it will be, in ever-increasing detail and complexity. It could be because of this drive that many would-be world-builders took to the emerging field of electronic music, where it became possible to work with the building blocks of sound and with recordings of the natural world, to construct abstract movies of the is as well as the never-was. This was the dream and the vision of the tape-manipulators and the inventors of singing electric machines -- to create a new musical language, unfettered from musical prisons; the imagination set free. The lovers and writers of science fiction recognized this pioneering, visionary quality of early electronic music, and, very soon, the sound of old synths quickly became synonymous with classic sci-fi cinema. And because of this, it becomes almost impossible to listen to a record like Seer and not hear it as a film score. The question is: What kind of movie is it?

Portland's Golden Retriever opened their record release show for Occupied with the Unspoken not with a performance, but with the music video for their latest single, "Canopy". Directed by Jeff Guay and shot throughout the Pacific Northwest, the music video is a slow-paced meditation on man in nature. As trees blew in light wind, water rippled black, and most strikingly, a pink-blue cloud very lightly floated its way across the projected sky, a roomful of strangers was forced to take a slow moment, a collective breath, in reverence to nature.


August 1st, 2012 @ Holocene, Portland

SPECTRAL HYPNOSIS A recurring series, featuring mesmerizing songs for one to lose sense of time and space, mind and body.

Golden Retriever

As a long-awaited response to the question of many a Portland music fan, of -- "When will people start paying attention to Golden Retriever and stop letting their genius slip under the radar?" -- Thrill Jockey have finally taken it upon themselves to make a higher profile release for Golden Retriever happen! Be thankful, everyone, that Golden Retriever will see their first TJ release on July 24th. The duo, consisting of Jonathan Sielaff and Matt Carlson, possesses a level of nuance few bands in Portland possess, and their choice of instrumentation -- an analog modular synth and a bass clarinet -- sets them apart even further. Meditative and captivating, Golden Retriever are never the same in a live setting, and we're more than thrilled to have had them play at our Intuitive Navigation show last year. You can download "Serene Velocity" HERE. The music video can be seen below. Directed by Jamie Potter (the album's cover artist), it fully immerses you in animated imagery of asteroids and gadgets floating you in space. The concept is remarkably entrancing for all of its simplicity, the slowly changing pixel distortion the most compelling aspect of all. Anyone who pre-orders the record HERE gets a free 8-oz bag of Portland's renowned Stumptown Coffee, because we're ridiculous in the Pacific Northwest. August 1, 2012 Update: They just dropped their new video for "Canopy" today, directed by Portland filmmaker Jeff Guay. Filmed completely in the Columbia Gorge area, so all of you who live outside of the naturalistic beauty of the Pacific Northwest can be downright jeally. Their CD release show for Occupied With The Unspoken takes place Wed. August 1st, at 8:30 p.m. at Holocene in Portland, OR, with some other badasses like Normal Music, Ilyas Ahmed, and Pulse Emitter.

Golden Retriever - Serene Velocity from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

OCCUPIED WITH THE UNSPOKEN TRACKLISTING 01. Serene Velocity 02. Canopy 03. Eudaimonia 04. Winter Light


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