Welcome to Remix City! A recurring, no-bullshit series of posts that will highlight remixes that are actually worth a damn (as we all know, there are plenty that truly aren't).


To kick it off are two from the almost infallible Battles, as a part of their upcoming Drop Gloss 12" series. These two tracks, remixed by Gui Boratto and The Field, are on opposite ends of the dance spectrum yet form a satisfying whole: one keeps your dance spirit jumping; the other drones you into blissful, breathy submission. And given enough time, both turn into the other, become either of the above. [a1] "WALL STREET" (GUI BORATTO REMIX) [b1] "SWEETIE & SHAG" (THE FIELD REMIX) And, of course, being the visually-minded minds that they are, Battles have been sure to include the Drop Gloss album art packaging as extension of their similarly-minded gushy, pile-centric existing branding. This particular 12" drops February 7th in North America, and you can subscribe to the entire series at BLEEP.


This in-depth feature highlights how well-executed album artwork can go beyond genre lines to expand into territories of philosophical, thematic, and conceptual significance. Perhaps now more than ever, album cover artwork plays a vital role in music....