imadethismistake – Bow And Quiver Album Review

I first heard Kylewilliam Campol aka imadethismistake on an episode of the Sound Scene podcast a while ago. I was immediately blown away by how earnest and aware Campol was, particularly for being a relatively young songwriter. Afterwards, I got some of his mp3s, ordered some of his homemade cassettes, and became a fan.

For his latest endeavor, Bow And Quiver, Campol pulls out all the stops, crafting one hell of a new full-length. The cracks and hisses of his cassette releases have been replaced with urgent songs like “Rogue Island” and “Stateside”, but Campol still finds his quieter side with a tune like “Winter In New Bedford.”


The production on the record is top-notch, and though it’s the kind of evolution that would cause some random punk kid to shit talk imadethismistake, it works in favor of Bow ad Quiver, particularly with Campol’s unorthodox vocal cadences.

Campol’s unique singing style, which at times sounds like caustic spoken word pieces, recalls a day in indie rock when people took chances. The overall conceptual nature of the disc owes a lot to Neutral Milk Hotel’s In The Aeroplane Over The Sea — perhaps not stylistically, but definitely in the way that Campol has approached this record with such vigor and conviction.

As a whole, Bow And Quiver is a difficult album to digest, but the more spins it’s given, the more it grows on a listener. And despite how unconventional imadethismisake are, there’s no doubting in the talent that Campol has as a songwriter.


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