Seahaven – Ghost EP Album Review (w/ Full Album Stream)

Seahaven came across my inbox as something that was for fans of Crime In Stereo. I usually hate the “RIYL” stickers because they usually sound nothing like those bands. Case in point: Seahaven. While I can understand the Crime In Stereo comparison, I would venture to say that they sound more like a darker Taking Back Sunday, inasmuch as they’re able to center their songs around quiet-and-caustic vocal interplay.


That being said, Ghost is almost all bright spots. It’s easy to hear Seahaven and dismiss them as another post-hardcore band, but subtle nuances in songs like “Plague” and “Cobarde” makes them far easier to listen to than your shitty local band who’s still trying to rip off Thursday.

The high point of this EP is the title track, which finds the band at what could be an imitative song, but makes for an exciting and well-rounded (largely instrumental) tune.

Because the songs have somewhat of a similar structure, the EP can seem like it drags, but in a single listen, you can find all the parts that makes this band one of the new jacks to watch for in the coming years.


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