The Titans Of The Industry – LMNOEP Album Review

The Titans Of Industry is a Seattle-based indie rock band with some oddball elements and vocals, which create a vibe reminiscent of bands like Of Montreal.

Their new LMNOEP EP begins with “These Cold Hands,” a catchy track with a curious mixture of pounding keys, strings, and crunchy guitar riffs; “Touch And Go, Snowy Snow” is a quirky cinematic track with another catchy melody. “Millionaire Station” begins with a long ominous orchestral piece — maybe meant for a Star Wars movie — and turns into a dark waltz before encompassing a shockingly sweet-sounding, but extremely bitter lyric: “Fuck you baby/ I’m tired of this shit/ Sweet baby.” The track continues with a puttering machine, fading into the final song seamlessly. “Little Brain” is more of a traditional rock song featuring loud, dirty metallic guitar riffs, but strings warm it up at just the right points.

Listen to “These Cold Hands” – DOWNLOAD MP3

The Titans of Industry combine atypical musical elements and distinctive touches to grab the listener in a more unique way than a traditional rock band, and they leave a more long-lasting impression.

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Harry Wiener
Harry Wiener
13 years ago

Great record!

13 years ago

they rule

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