MYTY Konkeror – I miss the future. Album Review

MYTY Konkeror is a thoroughly dirty rock band. Even the first song off of I miss the future. is rock and roll with a firmly entrenched mucky, southern, ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude. The band owes a bit to the gloomy temperament of bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, but with more attitude behind it.

The three-piece sounds like quite a bit more. Grand arena rock riffs blast in and blast out of “‘Sus Envy” as the vocals drawl along, minus the blasts of anthem-driven choruses. A band can’t be this loud and this big and not play to power chord driven cliches; it’s what makes arena rock so popular! But MYTY Konkeror doesn’t completely buy into this very narrow niche of rock and roll. The band breaks out with the more stoner/psychedelic-driven guitar intro of “Cell Division” and the harrowing female vocals in “Vastare.”

Listen to “‘Sus Envy” – DOWNLOAD MP3

It is an odd mix here. I miss the future. shows a band that is grasping from three different subsets of rock and roll, at an almost equal amount. But its the psychedelic and experimental element that shines through the brightest, though that unfortunately doesn’t mesh well with some of the big power riffs. Simultaneously, MYTY Konkeror is able to craft an downright delicious, monster rawk jam, but the meandering attitude of the experimental edge tends to water it down a bit. And that is unfortunate, because when MYTY Konkeror is dialed and tuned in, like with all good rock bands, horned hands fly in the air and hair whips violently around. Just like it should be.

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