FYF Fest 2012: Festival Previews & Picks

Los Angeles’ FYF Fest is a growing festival. No more are the days when it would let you tuck it in at night and read it a bed time story. No, you can no longer guide and keep under your protection. After many successful years, the creators of FYF Fest have decided that one day is no longer enough. The festival will now be taking up both Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend so we hope that you have Monday off from work because you’ll surely need it to recover. KARLA HERNÁNDEZ



Saturday, September 1, 10:55pm @ Main St. Stage
What can we say about Refused that hasn’t already been said? Refused is one of those bands that no matter what genre of music you’re into, you just know that these hardcore punk rockers deserve some respect. For me Refused was the band that almost made me want to go to Coachella this year. But I held out because I knew FYF Fest would work their magic and present them in a more bearable setting. If you dare to go into the pit, stay safe and play nice.


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Sunday, September 2, 10:55pm @ Main St. Stage
Do you know that part in the “Little Mermaid” where Ursula takes Ariel’s voice and carries it in a shell around her neck? That is exactly what I want to do with Zach Condon’s voice. Of course I won’t deprive the world of such beauty, but Beirut’s music is nothing short of awe-inspiring with a mix of instrumentation that includes a ukulele, a horn section, strings and much more. Beirut’s style is smart, romantic and worldly, what more could you ask for?


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9:25pm @ Main St. Stage
M83 has been on the road non-stop since the release of its hit album “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming” so by the time the get to FYF Fest, they’ll either be worn out or on top of their game. I’ll bet money that it’ll be the later and that they’ll see one of the biggest crowds of the weekend. M83’s electronic beats will undoubtedly create an enchanting night setting.


Future Islands

5:55pm @ Hill St. Stage
I was converted into a huge Future Islands fan last year at FYF Fest. So it brought great joy to see them again on the lineup this year. Expect a high energy dance party led by the sweet yet coarse vocals of lead singer Sam Herring, backed up by dreamy synth sounds.


Purity Ring

8:15pm @ Hill St. Stage
Canadian electronic duo Purity Ring released a fantastic debut album called “Shrines” on 4AD this summer. Though full of mystical electronic layers, the duo’s music has a very fresh and pristine sound apt for their band name. Megan James’ tender voice sparkles among a bright and absorbing waterfall of percussive sounds and beats.



8:45pm @ Broadway St. Stage
It is no surprise that Scott Hansen, the man behind Tycho, is also a graphic designer. He’s the type of person who can see and create beauty out of anything. Every track off 2011’s “Dive” transcends listeners to an unknown paradise. Drum machines and fluid synths lead down a path without daily stress, drama, etc. His set should allow for a nice breather, but still anticipate for your body to move about a bit.



12:30pm @ Broadway St. Stage
Listening to Doldrums might give you motion sickness, but it’s the kind that is strangely fun. It’s like the intense rush that you get from riding a roller coaster. Doldrums is the brainchild of multitasking genius Airick Woodhead who uses an array of instruments, synths, samples and knick-knacks to create his music. Think of him like a male version of Tune-Yards, but a little more wicked.



The Faint

10:50pm @ Spring St. Stage
Back when Saddle Creek was one of the hippest labels of the land, The Faint reigned as the dance punk band. The guys always new how to write a fierce dance track that was as sexy as it was charged with a tenacious punk energy. The band’s set will be sure to create a hot and sweaty scene, don’t be caught lounging on the lawn.



8:15pm @ Main St. Stage
I have a confession. I’d take Desaparecidos over Bright Eyes any day. Don’t get me wrong, I love an ironically heartfelt Bright Eyes song just as the next gal, but I always respected Conor Oberst’s bold statements about society and politics found in Desaparecidos songs much more. It always seemed like a crime that the band only released one album, 2002’s “Read Music/Speak Spanish.” However, a light appeared at the end of the tunnel, when they released two new songs earlier this month. Here’s to hoping for more arduous rock sounds and uncompromising views.


Aesop Rock

4:50pm @ Hill St. Stage
Aesop Rock gets heads bopping and hands in the air from the first scratch on the ones and twos. MC Ian Bavitz has a style that is smooth as silk and sharp as a tack. Not wanting to confine himself to just traditional hip hop, Aesop Rock has recorded music with Kimya Dawson of the Moldy Peaches and also featured John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats on a track off 2007’s “None Shall Pass.” Aesop Rock will be performing with frequent collaborators Rob Sonic and Big Wiz.



3:25pm @ Main St. Stage
Louisiana band Givers is as wholesome and divine as they come. It is impossible to be in a bad mood while listening to their enthusiastic brand of indie rock. With alternating male and female vocals, bright guitars and glittering percussion, their set will have everyone jumping around and singing along.


Nick Waterhouse

2:20pm @ Main St. Stage
If you see a bunch of Buddy Holly look-a-likes walking around FYF Fest, blame it on Nick Waterhouse. But don’t give them such a hard time, it’s difficult to resist the urge to go back to a time when all the gentlemen embraced the dapper look. It would be an understatement to say that Nick Waterhouse has an old soul. His music takes us back to the early years of rock and roll with dulcet vocals, swinging horns and more than anything a uber cool and collected sound.



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