Whim: Campfires, Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall Band, Perfume Genius, The Memories, Eric Copeland, Eternal Summers

Whim is a weekly collection of media focusing on independent rock/pop/garage and everything surrounding it. This week we feature a new video from Thee Oh Sees, a free Campfires album, the first clip from Ty Segall Band and more.


Perfume Genius

Perfume Genius’ Put Your Back N 2 It remains one of the most moving and amazing records of the year, and Mike Hadreas continues to support the album with equally terrific music videos. This one for “Dark Parts” features Hadreas’ mother, who doubles as the subject of the track, making for an emotional video. The record has remained in my playlist for months now thanks to its powerful and emotional lyrical content, so it’s great to see those words manifested in video form. Put your Back N 2 It is out now on Matador.

Thee Oh Sees

San Francisco’s own Thee Oh Sees have really come into their own since 2009’s Help, a record which seemed the set the course for the group’s sound since then on In The Red. Last year’s Carrion Crawler/The Dream was undeniably infectious, producing some of the best tracks of the year and an experience which I continue to come back to ever since. The new video for “Chem-Farmer,” taken from the same album, features the band having a little fun after a long day driving and performing. John Dwyer still has it.

Eric Copeland

Although New York artist Eric Copeland released a new album with Black Dice this month, the experimental rock troubadour has his own solo record forthcoming on Underwater Peoples. Entitled Limbo, the new record is a followup to last year’s Waco Taco Combo, an equally puzzling and ridiculous mess of noises. Which of course I mean n the most flattering of ways. I don’t know how Copeland continues to make such interesting music, both in the sense that it’s completely abstract and produced in quick fashion, but “Louie Louie Louie” is yet another infectious jam.


If there’s one thing I admire in music, it’s when an artist can create a multitude of sounds and emotions all on his own accord. Campfires is the solo project of Jeff Walls, and on his new collection of songs Laurentide, he’s slowing down the pace just a bit and reeling in the blissed-out nature of guitar fuzz. I’ve always gotten the same vibe from Campfires that I got from hearing the first Real Estate demos, that sense of wonderment and rhythm packaged beneath a sometimes hazy frame. Download the album for free here.

Ty Segall Band

As I mentioned in my recent review of Ty Segall and White Fence’s new album Hair, Ty Segall is putting out three records in 2012. It definitely came as a surprise, but almost everything this Bay Area garage-revivalist has touch as turned to gold. On his second record of the year, Ty Segall has joined his touring band in the studio for a release under the aptly titled group Ty Segall Band. Featuring himself, Mikal Cronin, Charlie Mootheart and Emily Epstein, Ty Segall Band will put out Slaughterhouse on In The Red in June. “Wave Goodbye” is our first glimpse at the new project. It’s dark and heavy. Even for Segall’s standards.

The Memories

Portland Oregon’s proverbial mut of a stoner rock group The Memories are finally getting the proper vinyl treatment this month via Underwater Peoples. Last year’s self-titled album on Gnar Tapes is being turned into a full length debut, featuring too many songs about girls, weed and relaxing. I guess for most there can never be too much of any of those things. Regardless, their live cut of “Higher” at Boom Bap here in Portland perfectly captures the band’s meandering and almost meditative vibe.

Eternal Summers

Since expanding to a three piece for their previous tour, Eternal Summers have gone back in the studio to finish their follow up to the excellent debut record Silvers. Correct Behavior is out July 24th on Kanine, and judging from the first single “Millions,” the band is finally cleaning up their sound a bit and approaching a true neo-80s pop kind of sound. Per usual, it’s dreamy and sensational.

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