Author - Zach Frimmel

Zach Frimmel (they/them) is a conceptual music creator, arts journalist, and grassroots world-builder. They grew up in Florida’s DIY art and punk/hardcore scenes. Zach has lived on the unceded land of the Duwamish and Coast Salish people since 2012. From 2017-2020, they were a contributing writer for KEXP and The Stranger championing local culture and worldwide music communities through interviews, live reviews, and features. Since 2014, Zach has orchestrated grantmaking programs at Artist Trust, Northwest Film Form, and the City’s Food Equity Fund, plus has been an advocate on the Capitol Hill Arts District’s Steering Committee since 2019. Zach performs art-punk existentials under the solo project “riife” and released their debut sound-body-of-work, topics of cancer, in June 2021 on Seattle label Den Tapes. Zach is currently conceptualizing the next riife concept album and trying to enjoy all there is to enjoy while throwing a rock in the machine.