Author - Zach Frimmel

Zach Frimmel (he/they) is a musician (as riife), writer, and spelunker of idiosyncrasies, masculinity, existential musings, mental health, and empathy. Zach connects with people through these social dots to create a more equitable big-picture and champion nuanced ways of living. He's lived in Seattle since 2012 and has been a cultural worker through Artist Trust, KEXP, and The Stranger. In 2020, under his solo project riife, he'll soon be releasing his debut "sound-body of work" called topics of cancer, which is a multi-concept album. It plays on the constellation of metaphorical cancers that kill him inside, which is Venn-diagrammed with a caricature case study on himself as a darkly emotional cancer sign. Ask Zach about dark souling, his day of new things (d.o.n.t.), or how he got banned from Canada for two years.
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