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“Raw, Imma give it to ya/ With no trivia/ Raw like cocaine straight from Bolivia.”
Cherri Wood should really consider bumping the Wu-Tang at her exhibition at Thinkspace in Santa Monica.
I’ll tell you why: because they both get it. They both get the fact that shxt doesn’t need to be polished to  be good. You could start off with a refined concept, carefully attempt to execute it, and finally realize that you don’t have the discipline to finish it clean. So you dirty it up. And if you’re Cherri (or the Ol’ Bastard), it definitely works in your favor.

Drop by the Thinkspace gallery if you feel what I’m getting at.
And for those of yous punks that have no idea what I’m talking about, take a looksee anyway. The gallery is also exhibiting some Brandi Milne freaky-ness in their main gallery. I’m telling you, Milne’s Run Rabbit Run show is straight up Nickelodeon after-hours business.
cherri wood’s flickr setup

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