sam flores @ subliminal projects.

Once upon a time, there lived a REDEFINE blog reader who had nothing to do.
Skipping rope and Freeze Tag were tasks far too complex for this reader to comprehend, much less attempt, for Reader’s ass was glued to a chair and Reader’s eyes glued to a screen.

“Oh, how I wish I could see the outside world,” Reader wept. “To do something other than sit and check my email is only but a dream…”

Suddenly, an alien-esque subject appeared before Reader’s eyes. Her hands, large and bold, were not at all threatening due to her eyes being closed in prayer. Or maybe her serenity was just a natural reflection of what surrounded her, dream-like sequences of untold places and colorful landscapes.

“Remove yourself from that chair, fair Reader,” she beckoned, “and visit Subliminal Projects next Saturday to see the new works of the ever-so talented Sam Flores. He will surely break this sorry curse you find yourself in every weekend.”

Reader Obeyed, realizing that this was where he was going to get his happily ever after.
And by jove, he is right.

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