Gala Bent’s Impressively Rendered Hair (Among Other Things)

It’s clear from her paintings that Gala Bent has a keen eye for detail, but a closer look into the writings on her blog reveals an equally impressive and inquisitive mind. Gala provides her audience an intimate and intriguing view into her methods and inspirations, and her already striking paintings are made even more forceful for the added context. Gala described this series, “Overgrown,” with her usual eloquence:

“Well, my main meditation when making these pieces was the tension between boundaries that we make and use as humans–classification, categorization–and the things that challenge those stalwart convictions or structures (thus, “Overgrown”). Without being a proper philosopher, they are my own way of thinking about epistemology. The influence of childrens’ books and animators like Hayao Miyazaki are in here as well, probably mostly as a tribute to the role that imagination has in our understanding of the world and its players.”

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