Hunting Club – The Plaid Album Album Review

If music were purely about aesthetics, then Hunting Club would win out in my book. The indie-rock quintet’s The Plaid Album manages to poke a bit of fun at the lazy “color” naming scheme of Weezer while still out-nerding the band on their album artwork. The inside flap of the insert features the band members holding antlers to each others heads — absolutely priceless.

But music is less about aesthetics and more about those things you can’t see, known as soundwaves. Luckily, Hunting Club still does a great job with their tunes. The songs aren’t anything to write home to mom about, but they are something that dad might enjoy. There is a bit of a …Trail Of Dead vibe here, minus the overwhelming art-rock pretentiousness. Rather, The Plaid Album plays to the crowd suggested by the naming scheme: the common person, standing there, beer in hand, furthering the untrendiest trendy clothing attire. This is common rock, not generic rock, but very accessible indie rock. Hunting Club’s soothing sounds are about as inoffensive as they come, but luckily, they aren’t too bland either.

Listen to “The Coast” – DOWNLOAD MP3


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