Sara Zin’s Portraits

Sara Zin is a Seattle oil painter who creates striking portraits that are  both smooth and pixelated. Sara paintings are mostly portraits, but she describes her work as being concerned with specific moments: “As individuals, we are drawn to each other in a near constant search for intimacy and communication. As an artist, I feel that figurative work allows an intimacy that can be both very personal and conveniently distant. I am especially drawn to the face, since one can express many layers of meaning, and can result in a variety of interpretations. My works are largely a series of portraits, however in the process of creating them I know they are finished when I no longer see a face, but when I see a moment in time. Silence is a part of my work because I often feel that more can be said through silence. I feel that my work can be interpreted in many ways and can bring people closer in the act of questioning oneself.” We love the way she exercises her control of oils to make pieces with a unique and polished sense of individual style!

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