The Hue – Beyond Words Album Reviews

At its best, The Hue’s debut album, Beyond Words, offers riffs and arrangements which pay homage to the spirit of Faith No More. When their intricate instrumentation becomes overwhelming, however, the songs do not fade into the background, but quickly shift into the next track. During those moments, the listener becomes temporarily lost.

Distinctiveness — one of the ultimate goals of any musical project — is not instantly evident in this work. Through the passing of time and multiple spins, this album gains a more notable presence, but it is not a guarantee.

As with all albums — even those albums intended as a joke or as a “fuck you” (please note that this album is not bound by either of those motives) — the intention behind the project, as well as the amount of blood, sweat, and tears that go into the production, are potentially important aspects. Therefore, congratulations are due to the members of The Hue on the completion of the expertly mixed and mastered work that is Beyond Words. Regardless of the production, though, this album does not move me or make me remember it after it is finished coursing through my stereo.


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