The New Enemy – Shakedown EP Album Review has quickly become one of my favorite new online blogs because the neon-clad-fashioncore-six-years-too-late kids who are featured there remind me why I hate new bands. Kids like Brokencyde who scream over computerized, plasticy beats are suddenly darlings, and everyone accepts them because most high schoolers wouldn’t know a tasty jam if it hit ’em in the headband.

Enter Canada’s The New Enemy, who’s equal parts Avail, Kid Dynamite and Black Flag. Through their seven-track EP, Shakedown, a jaded old hardcore kid is transported to days when people knew that the Descendents were responsible for some of the more risqué songs in punk rock and Blink-182 was just a glimmer in Mark Hoppus’ suburban eyes.

Shakedown finishes as fast as it starts, with the average song lasting around the two-minute mark. Still, songs like “Tim Horton Hears A Who,” “Level 2 Scapegoat,” and “Shelf Life” make this EP enjoyable. While it’s certainly nowhere near groundbreaking, it’s still better than being exposed to “crunkcore” or whatever it is that kids who are a half-step away from becoming Juggalos are listening to.

Listen to “Tim Horton Hears A Who”DOWNLOAD MP3false” />

Editor’s Note: You can download the entire Shakedown EP on the band’s website,


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