The Royal Heist – Midnight In The Garden Of Evil Album Review

At first listen, The Royal Heist may sound like they’re riding the coattails of bands like The Bravery and Bloc Party, but their full-length album, Midnight In The Garden Of Evil, is actually quite infectious in its own right.

There’s no question that The Royal Heist rely on a certain amount of groovy dancefloor savvy — as evidenced on songs like “Beg for More” and “Sin City” — but they also have this level of rock n’ roll swagger that most bands will never touch.

For all the songs that would fit on a nu-wave mix, there are songs like “Dance with the Devil” that are equal parts The Blood Brothers (minus the screaming) and Against Me!. The Royal Heist aren’t blowing minds by writing emotionally gut-wrenching trash; they’ve, instead, given us a great pop record that is fit for people who want to dance as much as it is for guys who listen to Refused. Stylistically, it’s one of the rare records that successfully crosses genre without effort, which is few and far between these days.


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