Cheat Sheet – Songs To Yawn To Album Review

While Cheat Sheet hails from Michigan, there is something about the duo’s smoggy, laid-back songs that muster the dazed vibe of sunny Southern California. The noisy chaos and merged vocals on tracks “Customer Disservice” and “Expansive Ghosts” add lots of energy to the debut entitled, Songs To Yawn to, which fans of bands like No Age, Japandroids and Tera Melos might dig — but Cheat Sheet has yet to hone its very own sound.

There are a lot of different ideas on the album, and it is not hard for a listener to lose interest when the sounds change direction. Where “Customer Disservice” is complex and clamorous, the following, “Community Chance,” is more of a lazy summer day track. It has a hazy drone that could make it an ironic addition to Top 40 radio that becomes popular with potheads. Furthermore, “Variflex Vs. BMX” attempts to be an anthem for skateboarders and has the, “don’t give a shit” attitude of The Black Lips, but without the gritty edge that would make it memorable.

After a few listens to Songs To Yawn To, it becomes notable that Cheat Sheet shines most on tracks like “Neon Brown” and “Cassette Culture,” which are full of melancholy and have a nostalgic feel of ’90s indie rock. Cheat Sheet has respectable influences, but the duo needs to find an aspect that will make the undeniable Cheat Sheet sound. Then, in no time, the band will be ruling DIY house shows around the U.S.

Listen to “Casette Culture” – DOWNLOAD MP3

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