Dolorean – The Unfazed Album Review

It must be a blessing and a curse for Portland’s Dolorean that the similarly named Delorean, from Spain, have gotten so much buzz in the past year. While the latter has been blogged about by indie kids all over the world, inevitably some fans have accidentally stumbled across the former. The two bands sound nothing alike, but Dolorean looks poised to garner a good amount of attention with their latest effort, The Unfazed. This collection of songs came about when the band had some downtime, and they were unbelievably productive during this period. They produced not only this album, but an EP (Anticipation Blues), signed to Partisan records in the US and Fargo Records in Europe, got a new lead guitarist, and had four children between the five band members. Clearly, these gentlemen are hard-working, and it shows. Full of beautiful country-tinged pop songs, The Unfazed is a crowning achievement for a band with an already impressive back catalog.

Listen to “Tired Eyes” – DOWNLOAD MP3

“Thinskinned” starts the album off on a great note which holds steady for the entire record. The arrangements stand out more than anything else, and Dolorean’s use of space is what really makes these compositions shine. Al James’ subtle and intriguing tales of heartbreak, love and tumbleweed nights, combined with his understated — yet powerful — voice are the icing on the cake. “Fools Gold Ring” has fantastic vocal harmonies, stunning guitar work, and a cord progression that is as infectious as it is poignant. While decidedly mellow and at times feeling like a slow burner, The Unfazed, is an absolutely amazing record and highly recommend for anybody willing to give it a chance.

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