Trip Report Mixtape (#17) Stream & Download

This REDEFINE staff-curated mixtape crosses continents and countries — from Cambodia to England, from India to Ethiopia — to bring you psychedelic sounds for the comedown.

Throw this on when the fractals have dissipated. This is music for the come down. Time to ruminate on lessons learned, ladies and gents.

Curated by Troy Micheau, REDEFINE Staff Writer



Download Mixtape (68.7 MB)


  1. Feqadu Amde Mesqel – “Asmarina”
    There is little information on this Ethiopian saxophonist and flautist, but this song is a beautiful contribution to Mulata Astatke’s body of Ethio-Jazz. It can be found on Ethiopiques 4.


  2. Les Baxter – “Clair De Lune”
    On Moog Rocks, the film score master drapes his exotic sounds with synthesizers and theremins. Like (early) Tangerine Dream scoring Twin Peaks.


  3. The Upsetters – “Bird In Hand”
    While Return Of The Super Ape is a little underwhelming compared to other Lee “Scratch” Perry productions, this is probably the most gorgeous track the man ever touched.


  4. The Congos – “Congoman”
    Haunting vocals. Lo-fi drum machines. Heart Of The Congos may be the best dub record ever. Score another for Mr. Perry.


  5. Peaking Lights – “All The Sun That Shines”
    936 is endlessly listenable. Pips their previous effort and most of the Not Not Fun catalog by far.


  6. William Onyeabor – “Better Change Your Mind”
    Onyeabor channels James Brown and Neu! into a synthed out Cold War funk gem. Check it on Atomic Bomb, or even better, the Psychedelic Classics 3 – Love’s a Real Thing comp.


  7. Unknown Artist – Unknown Title
    Swiped from an unlabeled CD-R of an Indian psychedelic rock comp. If you recognize this jam, do tell!


  8. Unknown Artist – “Sa Ray On Det”
    Two of my bandmates picked up 2,300 Cambodian jams from a record store owner in the aforementioned country last summer. After months of sifting, I can say that this is my favorite track from that daunting trove. Sounds like someone added ’90s midi drums and synths to a song recorded in ancient times.


  9. The Caretaker – “Tiny Gradiations Of Loss”
    James Kirby’s ode to Alzheimer’s. Like wandering the forgotten ballrooms of the Stanley Hotel.


  10. Demdike Stare – “Jannisary”
    Eastern European horror films reimagined as dark ambient tribal dub gems. From their first record, Symbiosis.


  11. Burial – “Stolen Dog”
    The Dubstep God tries on deep house and puts his entire discography to shame with this 6-minute anti-banger. The rest of Street Halo is a bit meh, but this one kills. Good job, sir.



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Troy Micheau
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Written by Troy Micheau
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