Aural Devastation: Baroness, Title Fight MP3 Downloads & Streams

Because sometimes all we need is our ear drums shattered by the weight of music, the force of distortion, and the insanity of noise.


Savannah, Georgia is known for a lot of things – most of it related to its historic charm – but on the modern front, it is the city of metal in the United States. Amongst the bands being churned out of the city, arguably no one has made more of a critical impact than the quartet Baroness. On the band’s latest, the immensely grand and bold double album Yellow & Green, Baroness find themselves becoming a prog-rock band with metal tendencies. As you follow their catalog, the progression makes sense, and a very insightful interview with NPR adds all the backstory required. This is one of the best albums of the year, and probably one of the more important metal albums to come out in a long time.

Editor’s Note: Amazing artwork, as always, from Baroness vocalist John Dyer Baizley. See HERE for our interview with him about his work with Gillian Welch on The Harrow & The Harvest, or click on the cover to see it in hi-res.


Title Fight

As a pop-punk band with hardcore leanings, Title Fight are in an odd spot as a band worshipped by hardcore kids with pop-punk leanings. We’ve covered them extensively on this site, and with good reason. Any band that is successfully recreating the late ’90s hardcore sound and spirit should be good to go in anyone’s book. Title Fight’s new album, Floral Green, drops on September 18th courtesy of SideOneDummy Records. You’d do yourself a big favor to check out their video below, and to check them out live on their inevitable tour.


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