Choi Soo-Ang / Choi Xoo-Ang (최수앙) Sculpts Realism Beyond Belief. {NSFW}

When looking at the work of South Korea’s 최수앙 (Choi Xoo-Ang — or Choi Soo-Ang, if you are to use a more typical romanization), one might envision creepily realistic human forms life-sized enough to hug and share sympathies with. It turns out that Choi’s figures are actually tiny resin sculptures worked over meticulously with oil paints, to a degree so remarkable there might be a painting milestone in there somewhere.

Though you will not find much in the way of English articles about Choi’s works, rest assured that they are commentary on human empathy and lack thereof, selfishness and presence of, and the contradictions present everywhere around us, in modern “civilized” society.

Please visit DalJin to see more photos of Choi’s works.
Please visit Slash to read a great English language article, entitled A Shaman of Our Time, Choi Xooang.

Written by
Vivian Hua 華婷婷

Vivian Hua 華婷婷 is a writer, filmmaker, and organizer. As the Executive Director of Northwest Film Forum in Seattle and Editor-in-Chief of the interdisciplinary arts publication, REDEFINE, much of her work unifies her metaphysical interests with her belief that art can positively transform the self and society. She regularly shares human-centered stories through her storytelling newsletter, RAMBLIN’ WITH VEE! In 2020, she will [hopefully] begin production on a comedic Asian-American series entitled Reckless Spirits.

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Tayyeb Bhatti
9 years ago

When I looked at the work of South Korean’s artist (Choi Xoo-Ang. Hunger and poverty comes to my mind. A place where people die because of hunger. Even in india 10 people die in a year just because of hunger and poverty. More over Africa is a biggest example of this fact. Choi interested in to comment on human empathy. His works reflects a true present where we discussed and analyze post modern era and at the same time we are ignoring humanity and focusing on selfishness. His work has a very clear message of present time. Where people don’t have even clothes to wear, lack of foods. And how it’s increasing day by day. There is a certain contradiction between two contemporary societies.

8 years ago

[…] Choi Xoo Ang […]

Written by Vivian Hua 華婷婷
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