Aural Devastation: WIND, Verse MP3 Downloads & Streams

Because sometimes all we need is our ear drums shattered by the weight of music, the force of distortion, and the insanity of noise.



Norway is known for a lot of things. Fjords, vikings, black metal. One thing it isn’t known for is psych-rock. And that is where WIND comes into play. The trio has just released a new 10″ vinyl EP named Sleep which isn’t exactly the most polished thing out there. But when the band gets going, it starts to take all the good parts of bands like Thee Oh Sees and Black Mountain, showing a splendid amount of fuzz mixed in with just the right amount of restraint to keep it grounded — because although the ’70s died hard, it doesn’t mean we can’t meander a bit aimlessly every now and then.


Like all good hardcore bands, Verse put out a few albums, toured like beyond crazy, and then broke up as quickly as they formed. The Providence, Rhode Island band did what most hardcore bands don’t do however; they got back together — and after a pretty short amount of time. The final product of this grand reunion is the fantastic Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace which places Verse back in the same mouthful of New England based hardcore bands they outlasted like Have Heart. Verse were always one of the smarter bands out there, not too preachy, not too bro-ey. Just anger, seething anger.


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