Cascine Record Label Mixtape: The Sound of Escape Now (#26) Stream

This mixtape is an ode to the tender elegance and unbridled wanderlust of every springtime renewal. It’s our way of saying: goodbye endless winter, hello brand new sunshine.

The Sound of
Escape Now

This mixtape is an ode to the tender elegance and unbridled wanderlust of every springtime renewal. It’s our way of saying: goodbye endless winter, hello brand new sunshine. Music for floating overseas through seasons of change, following the cyan expanses, or just heading out to the open sky. This is the sound of innocence won back. Take a deep breath, and jump right in.

Curation and descriptions by Sandra Croft, Cascine’s publicist.



AlunaGeorge – “Diver” (Island Records)
I don’t think I can take another day of this! Why don’t we run away somewhere? Could fly to Kingston tonight? High life like everything’s alright. Run away to Rio for a while? Maybe visit San Sebastián, keep a low profile. You don’t always have to go forward; sometimes you have to escape sideways to find the way ahead.

Empress Of – “Hat Trick” (Terrible Records / Double Denim Records)
The escape as a process had been going on for quite a while before we recognized it. We felt it vaguely (like being swept away slowly by a warm and soothing spring breeze while you’re trying hard to stay focused), but we didn’t realize its extent until a few weeks ago. There were no intentions, no plans, no tactics, except for just the opposite, maybe.

Erika Spring – “Hidden” (Jensen Sportag Remix) (Cascine)
The ultimate feeling of being totally lost, and yet still on to something essential.

Air – “Cherry Blossom Girl” (Virgin Records)
So you’re surely asking yourself, could this be just another one of our playground fantasies? A cheap image, or a way of touching real life? Well, we prefer to think of it like this: how many times can a bolt strike from the blue and still be a bolt from the blue? It’s called the sound of escape, and it’s right now. Come in nearer, dive in deeper. It will never be this good again.

D I A N A – “Born Again” (Forest Family Records)
Some destinations are moving away, while others are approaching. The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

Southern Shores – “Purple Skies” (Cascine)
Have you ever been in mid-flight just before sunrise? Everything acquires a halo which is not imaginary. Gazing out of the little porthole window as the deep blue sky, the cloud canopy is illuminated with orange and the sun crowns the horizon. It’s undeniably one of the most beautiful views in existence, and just for a moment, all your thoughts float away like the water vapour beneath.

Blue Hawaii – “Dream Electrixra” (Arbutus)
We’re gonna have the best days of our lives. They’ll be light like a feather, deep like an ocean. You just need this year’s calendar, dear. Watching vapour trails, losing track of time…

Air France – “Never Content” (Sincerely Yours)
The days were getting longer, and it is time to say goodbye to the endless winter and get in the mood to disappear for a little while. Whether it’s into deeper waters or just deep into the night, where you go is always up to you. Forget about all the conditions, occasions, and facts. Time is just going by way too fast, and this year will be over all too quickly. Wouldn’t it be all that better if you could remember how you made it slow down just a little bit by listening to this.

Ducktails – “Letter of Intent” (Domino Records)
“Letter of Intent” is a soft glow to fight off grey clouds, melt the ice, and welcome in a new prismatic reality. Maybe the idea is to stop aiming and let intuition guide you to something capable of transforming everyday existence into something strange and wonderful.

Pure Bathing Culture – “Lucky One” (Memphis Industries)
Can you believe we just caught the breeze? It’s warm like the sunshine and just as fleeting. Time’s passing by, but we’re moving slow. Floating overseas, circling around the world, averting catastrophe. Who’s the lucky one now?

Keep Shelly In Athens – “Fokionos Negri Street” (Forest Family Records)
Our escape for the winter became the near-perfect spring song. Nothing but a sea of blue separating the seasons. Listen as carefully as you can, again and again, or you may miss out on the most tender form of ecstasy there is.


About Cascine

Cascine is an experimental pop label based in New York and London. It celebrates optimistic pop music guided by intuition. Cascine works with Shine 2009, Chad Valley, Ditt Inre, Erika Spring, Jensen Sportag, Keep Shelly In Athens, Kisses, Rush Midnight, RxGibbs, Selebrities, Southern Shores, Wildarms and World Tour.

Curation and descriptions by Sandra Croft, Cascine’s publicist, based in London. She often dreams of time machines, swimming pools, solving crimes, eating exquisite meals, flying, the countryside and old manuscripts.


Written by
Vee Hua 華婷婷

Vee Hua 華婷婷 (they/them) is a writer, filmmaker, and organizer with semi-nomadic tendencies. Much of their work unifies their metaphysical interests with their belief that art can positively transform the self and society. They are the Editor-in-Chief of REDEFINE, Interim Managing Editor of South Seattle Emerald, and Co-Chair of the Seattle Arts Commission. They also previously served as the Executive Director of the interdisciplinary community hub, Northwest Film Forum, where they played a key role in making the space more welcoming and accessible for diverse audiences.

Vee has two narrative short films. Searching Skies (2017) touches on Syrian refugee resettlement in the United States; with it, they helped co-organize The Seventh Art Stand, a national film and civil rights discussion series against Islamophobia. Reckless Spirits (2022) is a metaphysical, multi-lingual POC buddy comedy for a bleak new era, in anticipation of a feature-length project.

Vee is passionate about cultural space, the environment, and finding ways to covertly and overtly disrupt oppressive structures. They also regularly share observational human stories through their storytelling newsletter, RAMBLIN’ WITH VEE!, and are pursuing a Master’s in Tribal Resource and Environmental Stewardship under the Native American Studies Department at the University of Minnesota.

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Written by Vee Hua 華婷婷
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