SVN SNS RCRDS (#35) Mixtape Download & Stream (French Record Label)

Seven Sons Records SVN SNS RCRDS MixtapeSVN SNS RCRDS stands for Seven Sons Records; we’re a small independent music label from Paris, France, founded in 2010 by David Gamelin and myself, Alex Poveda. A couple years ago, Thibault Signourel, Editor for the French webzine Hartzine, joined us in the adventure. Originally the label was just supposed to be a free space for us to release our own projects, but of course, things took a different turn quite rapidly when we started getting demos from all over the place. Since the beginning, we’ve focused exclusively on vinyl and tape releases in limited editions; digital distribution isn’t really our thing, and the CD, as a format, is absolute shit. People are sometimes like, “I don’t have a turntable or a tape deck; I just want to listen to it on my iPad” — and while I think it’s totally okay to listen to music on an mp3 player, I don’t think music or any kind of cultural product for that matter, should be consumed like any disposable item or junk food, even though it is more than often the case.

In my opinion, it’s important to encourage a proactive approach of the public in order for things to really stick. Like if you want to see a painting and get the full experience, you try to go to an art gallery or a museuml if you wannna check out a movie, you go to a fucking cinema theatre. Same thing with music; the media is definitely part of the message.

Artistically, we don’t focus on any specific genre even though I guess you could say that we are mainly interested in synth-based music — but some of our releases are darker or more electronic than others.

I grew up listening to a lot of punk / hardcore and was quite active in the scene for years, so the whole DIY Punk ethos makes a lot of sense to me. Trying to do our thing with total freedom is key to us; we don’t have private sponsors, and we don’t take public money through grants or whatever. Fuck that, even though at times it might seem tempting. It’s a permanent financial struggle but being able to do 100% of the work all by ourselves makes every tiny victory a lot sweeter, and in my opinion, no one should run a record label if you’re not willing to put your ass on the line. So far, we’ve been fortunate enough so that a release basicaly finances the next one and so on, so I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart — all the people who supported us in a way or another. hopefully we won’t let you down, and we’ll keep on keeping on for many more years.

This past November, we just released the first full-length of French synth band Night Riders on vinyl and the debut tape EP of Parisian analog voodoo techno duo Tsantza, and we have a split LP in the works with Vancouver’s Terror Bird and Parisian rising minimal wave artist Micro Cheval. Really looking forward to that and the rest.

For the following mixtape, we all chose a bunch of songs; it’s a mix between tracks that we released and stuff we listen to, old or modern, introspective or danceable. Think of it as a tape deck style mixtape, like the ones you used to do for your friends when you were a kid.

– Alex Poveda, Co-Founder of SVN SNS RCRDS

SVN SNS RCRDS Mixtape Download & Stream

1. Night Riders – “Future Noir” (SVN SNS / 2014)
Title track of their double LP released in November, it’s the perfect cinematographic invitation for a wide-eyed journey in space.


2. Micro Cheval – “Space Shit” (SVN SNS / 2013)
Off her debut tape, music to daydream to.


3. Chevalier Avant Garde – “Killing Fields (Nite Mix)” (SVN SNS / 2013)
Our favorite Montreal band, this track is an auto rework of theirs; expect more things from them sometime soon.


4. Gremlock – “Wet Blankets” (SVN SNS / 2014)
Awesome heartfelt dark synth by our favorite confidential Los Angeles musician.


5. Bracken – “Grace Abstract Dying Sun” (Baro Records / 2014)
We’re huge HOOD fans; Bracken is Chris Adams’ solo project, and this song is from his new album, Exist Resist. After 7 years of silence, the guy returns with this amazing album; it was worth waiting.


6. Les Vampyrettes – “Biomutanten” (Self-Released / 1980)
I don’t remember exactly how I discovered them, but it was just after a trip to Berlin last November… anyway, I just know that it’s two German guys: Konrad Plank and Holger Schüring, and that this song is perfect for Christmas.


7. Tsantza – “AA1” (SVN SNS / 2014)
Off their debut tape: straight up analog voodoo techno for the body and the soul and some night prowling.


8. Muslimgauze – “Ramallah” (Staalplaat / 1993)
A track from the late Bryn Jones, a true visionary, an original ethnic electronica/dark ambient/noise pioneer.


9. Geena – “Lunar Substance” (Antinote / 2014)
A track from our man Geena’s latest EP. One of the most exciting upcoming Parisian house producers on what is probably becoming the best Parisian techno label.


10. Profilegate – “We Can Have It All” (Not Not Fun / 2014)
Reference #300 of a label who truly showed the way, LA’s mighty Not Not Fun. Fucked up post rave from Philadelphia.


11. December – “In Advance Of The Broken Arm” (A14/Blackest Ever Black / 2014)
Far from Marcel Duchamp, this Carpenter-like techno track is said by the label to be made for a dancefloor of delinquents.


12. Gesloten Cirkel – “Zombiemachine Acid” (Murder Capital / 2014)
The techno album of the year was conceived in Russia, a tough guy country.


13. Former Descent – “All-In And Losing The Game” (Gooiland Elektro / 2014)
A slap in the face out on Holland’s finest, Gooiland Elektro.


14. Xinlisupreme – “Fatal Sisters Opened Umbrella” (Fat Cat Records / 2002)
A Japanese band, I discovered their album Tomorrow Never Comes right when it was released on Fat Cat Records; since then this song has been one of my all-time favorites. There’s that typically crazy Japanese extreme noise feedback that I love.


15. Pg.99 – “Punk Wrong In the Wrong Hands” (Magic Bullet / 2001)
I think the point is pretty clear here.



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