Desert Daze 2015 Mixtape (#39) Download & Stream

Desert Daze 2015

On this, the international day of canibus, we bring to you a mixtape courtesy of the creators of Desert Daze, a psychedelically-minded festival held in the deserts east of California. Taking place in the aptly-named Mecca, Desert Daze is what you might traditionally come to expect from an American psychedelic festival (Austin’s Psych Fest comes to mind), but rounded out with more introspective and meditative acts, as well as a night of camping, art installations, and more. Couple this all with amazing neon imagery created by Oliver Hibert (be sure to check out his limited edition tarot deck, by the way), and what one can imagine is, perhaps, a brain-frying good time. Full lineup below, and enjoy this very extended playlist of just some of the musicians attending the festival. Purchase tickets online at!

Stream Desert Daze 2015 Mixtape



REDEFINE’s Select Mixtape Tracks

  1. Fever The Ghost – “CALICO”


  2. Dirt Dress – “The 15th”


  3. Gap Band – “58th Street Fingers”


  4. The Budos Band – “Up From The South”


  5. Mini Mansions – “Any Emotions”


  6. Wild Wild Wets – “Crawl”


  7. Deap Vally – “End of the World”


  8. Mystic Braves “Cloud 9”


  9. Dahga Bloom – “Supa”


  10. Chelsea Wolfe – “Demons”


  11. JJUUJJUU – “G 4 A G”


  12. Levitation Room – “Loved”


  13. Burning Palms – “Young Hunter”


  14. Sister Crayon – “Headline”


  15. Pearl Charles – “Night & Day”


  16. Vetiver – “Current Carry”

Desert Daze 2015 Mixtape


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