SPECTRAL HYPNOSIS A recurring series, featuring mesmerizing songs for one to lose sense of time and space, mind and body. Here, we start off a bit rowdy with Tassels and sink slowly into the enchanting mellow instrumental shores of Grapefruit and Lyonnais.


Vancouver-based producer Sean Orr will soon be releasing a new LP, the brilliantly artworked Pressure Mounts, on Dallas' Pour Le Corps. This 2:13-long track is a whirlwind of experimentation and unconventional sound bites which curiously leave one hungering for more. Pressure Mounts drops May 29th, and the full tracklisting is available at the bottom of this post. Tassels - "Shake Them Shackles"



Analog synths and Tangerine Dream vibes combine for Portland electronic artist Grapefruit's latest record, which you can buy HERE on Field Hymns. Choosing a track to highlight was certainly a difficult task, so I've decided to take the liberty of offering you three, because... why the hell not? For download and stream is the entrancing closing track "Aleatoric Tone Tunnels", along with "End Scene" and the music video for "Phase Accidents". Expect an interview with Grapefruit soon! Grapefruit - "Aleatoric Tone Tunnels" - DOWNLOAD MP3 [audio:/mp3/downloads/Grapefruit_Aleatoric-Tone-Tunnels.mp3] Grapefruit - "End Scene"


Before bands started reuniting to be cool, Gainsville, Florida punk stalwarts Hot Water Music gave a quick hiatus the middle finger it deserves. The quartet put out a few live 7" in past years, but Exister is the band's first full length in eight. The question remains as it always does with all punk -- a musical genre that doesn't really age the best -- do Hot Water Music still have the energy to pull the whole act off?



Bleep is a weekly collection focusing on varying degrees of electronic music news, videos and MP3s. This week we feature a new single from Girl Unit and Simian Mobile Disco, a new way to purchase Still Going's "D117" and more.


Girl Unit

It's been a few years since the release of Girl Unit's "Wut," but the repercussions of that club-stomping single are still being felt in 2012. Girl Unit's label Night Slugs has launched into massive stardom, making each release even more anticipated than the last. With the label's popularity still on the rise, Girl Unit will release their newest EP this week. Club Rez EP might not have the genre-defining single like "Wut," but the EP does an amazing job of remaining consistent and progressive both in terms of the label's expectancy and Girl Unit's past precedent. Listen to preview clips of each track below.
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Bands don't always show signs of aging by their third album, but Here We Go Magic have grown up with their latest, A Different Ship. The band was never loud and brash before, but they seem to have taken a turn for the drastically mellow on this album. They have clearly become more in touch with their later "Yo La Tengo phase" than their mystical, vibed-out phase of yore that was on trend with indie experimentalists like Animal Collective. In this vein, my initial recommendation for the album's title track of would have been the super relaxed "Made to Be Old," although in the end I see how the trippy, feedback-laden "A Different Ship" was appropriate. Walk with me while I explain.
If you even remotely keep tabs on the news cycle these days, it's easy to get bogged down in horrifically menacing thoughts of the world falling apart at the seams. The American military industrial complex has nearly doubled in size over the last decade, and it was already a ridiculously bloated frivolity. We continue to rape the environment for our own selfish expansionary agenda of warped materialism, with little respite in sight. There are no spiritual leaders of any real consequence despite the obvious need. The stupidest people with the least resources continue to have the most children, and their billionaire overseers encourage them to take great pride in their own shameless ignorance. And each time I think I've seen the lamest lowest common denominator pop culture moment possible, all I have to do is wait five minutes and something else will creep up knocking my faith in humanity down a few more pegs. It can get worse than Jersey Shore, and does. What to do, then, with all this bleakness constantly lurking in the outskirts of our collective unconscious? A true mystic can take even the darkest of human plotlines and shine the impenetrable light of our higher spiritual destiny on them, illuminating the hidden beauty in the seemingly most hopeless of scenarios. Which is where an artist like Chelsea Wolfe excels. She manages to take the unrelenting horror of her apocalyptic dreams and effectively channels it towards transcendent catharsis. I caught up with the enchanting Miss Wolfe recently by e-mail to chat about how exactly she pulls this off so effectively as well as her admiration of Ayn Rand, amongst other things. Read on, true believers.


In 2009, David Daniell of San Agustin and Douglas McCombs of Tortoise disassembled and reassembled seven hours of in-studio improvisation into their collaborative LP, Sycamore. For their upcoming 2012 release, Versions, they've given the same seven hours of material and the same creative liberties to engineer and producer Ken Brown to offer up his assemblage of choice. The experimental approach has led to two vastly different records that still live in the same sonic universe. The surprisingly little amount of content overlap between the two releases sees to be, in and of itself, evidence of the importance of individual perspectives. Versions comes out May 15th on Thrill Jockey Records, and its initial introduction to the public comes in the form of a slow-motion video directed and conceptualized by filmmaker Timothy Leeds, with the help of David Merten. As the sounds of "30265" teeter gently upon small instrumental seesaws, shapes in Leeds' video pulse and throb in subtle response. In the Q&A below, Leeds describes the video creation process and some of the decisions behind it.



"Pop music shouldn't always get a bad rap," says Top Pops!, a recurring selection of pop music highlights across a selection of styles. In this post, tracks from Portland musicians Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside and Yards, as well as minimal electronic informed pop jams from Dems and Gracie.



Dems gently lay you down on a bed of crisp, clean vocals and washy synths in their track, "Inner O." A single coming out soon on Bad Life Recordings, "Inner O" uses just enough electronic glitchiness to stray away from being intractible, without sacrifing gentle pop tendencies. Highly recommended that you also listen to and watch the music video for "House", HERE.


Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside

Admittedly, it takes a certain type of personality to get down with the '50s soul-dance sound of Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside. They give an incredibly energetic live show, and you can catch a whole list of upcoming tour dates below. Their next record comes out late this year, on Partisan Records. Full tour dates at the bottom of this post.


MADNESS! A recurring series of audio WTFs and head-twitching, spine-tingling experimental or chaotic fun (k-k+st)icks.

Eric Copeland

Does it sound like Black Dice? It sure does. That's because it is Black Dice -- or, at least, it's a core member of Black Dice gone solo without sacrificing the madness. Eric Copeland's album single for Limbo, "Louie, Louie, Louie" is like a more restrained but just as chaotic and visually-evocative counterpart to any Black Dice Song, and the album cover alone speaks volumes about the tendecy of this music. It's a burst of pattern, certainly not lacking in energy and intricacy, but lacking a wee bit o' color (I'm still comparing it to Black Dice, though, not to Coldplay). Limbo comes out June 5th on Underwater Peoples. Tracklisting for Limbo below, where you can also stream the entirety of his previous album, Waco Taco Combo! LIMBO TRACKLISTING 1. Double Reverse Psychology 2. Louie, Louie, Louie 3. Muckaluk 4. Fiesta Muerta 5. Tarzan and the Dizzy Devils 6. Lemons


Remix City Sifting through mountains of remix trash so you don't have to, in an attempt to find the ones that contribute to their originals. In this post, three solo musicians -- Active Child, Bright Moments, and Emily Wells -- get refined remix treatment from GRVRBBRS, Shuttle, and BATHS, respectively.


Active Child

Active Child, the solo project of Pat Grossi, gets some remix treatment from GRVRBBRS, at no sacrifice to the original sexy vibes of "Hanging On." Beauty, beauty, beauty. About his latest full-length, the nostalgic and emotional You Are All I See, Grossi says, "You Are All I See is an attempt to build a bridge between the listener and I, in that, I wrote these songs for you as much as I did for me. And right now when you are listening to my voice, by yourself, it really is just you and I." Full tour dates at the bottom of this post, with Balam Acab and Superhumanoids on support. These dates coincide with the reissue of his The Curtis Lane EP on 10" vinyl! ACTIVE CHILD - "HANGING ON" (GRVRBBRS REMIX) ACTIVE CHILD - "HANGING ON" (ORIGINAL)


Stream 4-track preview of Active Child's You Are All I See