three cheers for Travis Louie.

I’ve always been intrigued with the mystery of the Victorian era, where our understanding is generally limited to sepia-toned photographs and phonographs playing old-fashioned tunes. Imagine the local saloon, packed with the neighborhood characters, clinking cups overfilling with beer.

Now fast forward to the present time, where we can raise our glasses to Travis Louie, the artist who has brought historical magic into our imaginations through his own. His collection of Edwardian portraits is so enchanting, so skillfully executed in detail, it is easy to forget these mythical creatures aren’t real. Or are they?
They all seem to have a story to tell, and I’m dying to know all of them.

Although his Copro Nason Gallery exhibition just ended, I know that Louie is only getting started. We have yet to anticipate the arrival of his next show at Roq La Rue in August and his upcoming book, Curiosities.

So cheers, ’cause I’ll definitely drink to that.

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