Portland International Film Festival 2010 : 02/12-02/14 Weekend Round-Up

This weekend is a big weekend for movie-going consumers in Portland. It’s the first weekend of the Portland International Film Festival, and it’s Valentine’s Day. Here are a few of our recommended picks!

About Elly

An Iranian drama that explores what happens when a group on a weekend getaway realize that one of their travelers has gone missing. The most powerful moments in this film lie in the clash between traditional values and modernity, and the film provides a detailed look at gender roles and husband-wife relations in Iran.

Sat, Feb. 13 @ 3:15pm (B3)
Sun, Feb. 14 @ 1:45pm (B4)
Sun, Feb. 14 @ 7:00pm (B4)

Cooking History

Czech filmmaker Péter Kerekes takes sneak peeks into the lives of various military cooks from all over Europe. The film captures viewpoints on 20th century European wars through the viewpoints of food service personnel — certainly not individuals you hear historical tales from everyday.

Sun, Feb. 14 @ 9:00pm (B3)
Thu, Feb. 18 @ 9:00pm (B3)
Sun, Feb. 21 @ 12:45pm (B3)


Set in 1950’s Moscow, Hipsters shows how musicians can break free in the midst of Soviet conformity. A love it or hate it musical some will swoon over and others will abhor.

Fri, Feb. 12 @ 8:45pm (B3)
Sat, Feb. 13 @ 5:30pm (B2)
Tue, Feb. 16 @ 8;15pm (B1)
Wed, Feb. 17 @ 7:00pm (B3)


What director Ursula Meier has termed, “a road movie in reverse.” As opposed to hitting the open road, one family coops themselves up in their home and slowly drive each other insane.

Sat, Feb. 13 @ 8:30pm (B2)
Sun, Feb. 14 @ 3:15pm (B2)
Mon, Feb. 15 @ 8:00pm (B2)

Mid-August Lunch

Director Gianni Di Gregorio stars in his own film as a money-troubled man who spends his time caring for his elderly mother. Soon, his home is filled with aged women for him to care for, and the film unfolds with stories and interactions.

Sat, Feb. 13 @ 6:15pm (B1)
Sun, Feb. 14 @ 5:45pm (B3)


A stylish drama set in Nazi-occupied Prague, which explores the fragility of relationships by means of bright, minimalistic visuasl.

Sun, Feb. 14 @ 12:45pm (B2)
Mon, Feb. 15 @ 2:00pm (B1)
Mon, Feb. 15 @ 7:45pm (B4)

Short Cuts I

Worth it simply for the grotesquely beautiful Next Floor, pictured above. Add 7 more short films into the mix, and you’re getting your money’s worth. ‘Nuf said.

Sat, Feb. 13 @ 12:30pm (WH)
Mon, Feb. 15 @ 1:45pm (WH)

Terribly Happy

A film that begins and ends in typical Scandinavian black comedic fashion, Terribly Happy follows the life of Robert, a city cop who has been thrown into a small town. When murder shows its head, things become confusing for Robert, and a mix of psychological thriller, action, and comedy make the film a genre-bending romp.

Fri, Feb 12 @ 6:45pm (B1)
Sun, Feb. 14 @ 4:45pm (B1)

The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls

The Topp Twins are lesbian twins who are popular amongst New Zealanders in all walks of life. Like a non-American Dixie Chicks mixed with yodeling, the Topp twins are a fascinating duo to hold the camera frame.

Sun, Feb. 14 @ 7:15pm (B1)
Tue, Feb. 16 @ 6:15pm (B3)

Written by
Vee Hua 華婷婷

Vee Hua 華婷婷 (they/them) is a writer, filmmaker, and organizer with semi-nomadic tendencies. Much of their work unifies their metaphysical interests with their belief that art can positively transform the self and society. They are the Editor-in-Chief of REDEFINE, Interim Managing Editor of South Seattle Emerald, and Co-Chair of the Seattle Arts Commission. They also previously served as the Executive Director of the interdisciplinary community hub, Northwest Film Forum, where they played a key role in making the space more welcoming and accessible for diverse audiences.

Vee has two narrative short films. Searching Skies (2017) touches on Syrian refugee resettlement in the United States; with it, they helped co-organize The Seventh Art Stand, a national film and civil rights discussion series against Islamophobia. Reckless Spirits (2022) is a metaphysical, multi-lingual POC buddy comedy for a bleak new era, in anticipation of a feature-length project.

Vee is passionate about cultural space, the environment, and finding ways to covertly and overtly disrupt oppressive structures. They also regularly share observational human stories through their storytelling newsletter, RAMBLIN’ WITH VEE!, and are pursuing a Master’s in Tribal Resource and Environmental Stewardship under the Native American Studies Department at the University of Minnesota.

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Written by Vee Hua 華婷婷
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