The Haunting Rural With Justin Beckman

Washington artist Justin Beckman explores the urban/rural divide through a series of works that showcase nostalgic Americana. Justin’s installations and projections leave viewers with the feeling of having just walked into an abandoned hunting lodge, and while the first impression is one of haphazard nonchalance, a closer look reveals mindfully curated details. In his artist statement, Justin writes about the influence of his small town upbringing, and of the liminal space he likes to inhabit:

“To me, sitting on the fence between urban and rural seems like a great place to be, even if it is a bit of a displaced nowhere.  I feel no desire to poke fun at either side, nor do I really feel that I am able to jump off the fence and truly call either side ‘home.’  So, it looks like forever I may stay, atop this fence with my gun, my iPod, and a cold can of Busch beer.”

Justin’s website also has a hilariously serious self portrait section where the artist has photoshopped his face into a series of antique hunting photos.

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