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Sifting through mountains of remix trash so you don’t have to, in an attempt to find the ones that contribute to their originals. Today, modern Cambodian rock band The Cambodian Space Project get some love from David Gunn, and the single from How To Dress Well‘s upcoming record, Total Loss, gets remixed by UK producer Koreless.



How To Dress Well + Koreless

How To Dress Well just premiered a new track today via NPR, entitled “& It Was U”. This post is not about that, though you can listen to that sparse track HERE. Instead, this post is fixated on the remix of “Cold Nites” that UK producer Koreless did, which is like a tinkering melody emanating from an opened jewel box. This track is from HTDW’s upcoming record, Total Loss, which comes out on September 17th on Weird World and Acephale. The original, in true Tom Krell fashion, is much more dramatic, somber, and R&B-oriented.

Pre-order the record HERE or HERE. Limited editions available; full tracklisting below.

How To Dress Well – “Cold Nites” (Koreless Remix)

How To Dress Well – “Cold Nites” (Original)


How To Dress Well + Koreless (cont’d)

1. When I Was In Trouble
2. Cold Nites
3. Say My Name or Say Whatever
4. Running Back
5. & It Was U
6. World I Need You, Won’t Be Without You (Proem)
7. Struggle
8. How Many?
9. Talking To You
10. Set It Right
11. Ocean Floor For Everything


The Cambodian Space Project + David Gunn

The Cambodian Space Project create modern day Khmer rock n’ roll influenced by Cambodia’s rich cultural history. Fronted by lead singer Srey Thy, who never had the opportunity to go to school in post-Pol Pot and post-war Cambodia, The Cambodian Space Project are now seeing a bit of international attention as the sounds of the East become sought after for their unique melodies and vocal qualities. These two remixes by David Gunn turn “Love Like Krom” into a minimal vocal track with dub undertones, and “Krom Like Honey” into a pulsating drone track.

The Cambodian Space Project – “Krom Like Honey” (David Gunn Drone Mix)

The Cambodian Space Project – “Love Like Krom” (David Gunn Vocal Mix)

The Cambodia Space Project – “Krom Like Honey” (Original – Live)


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Vivian Hua 華婷婷

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Written by Vivian Hua 華婷婷
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