This Will Destroy You, A Place to Bury Strangers, Dusted Live Show Review

I’m a sucker for diverse bills on shows. I know less musically inclined or adventurous individuals take comfort in seeing the acts that they know, but I have always found that some of my favorite bands are the ones I was completely not expecting to see live. If anything, seeing different styles keeps concert-going fresh. That is why when A Place to Bury Strangers and This Will Destroy You AND Dusted came to town I declared it the best show of June. In no way was my excited ultimatum of fantasticness off from the truth.


June 11th, 2012 @ The Crocordile in Seattle, WA


Dusted is the new solo project from Brian Borcherdt from Holy Fuck. It is a lo-fi project that is as far away from Holy Fuck’s electronica driven dance beats as possible. Setting up under a fuzzy wash of light guitar droning, Borcherdt played a set of songs off of the new debut album Total Dust. Some songs were a little bit forgettable, but when Dusted was going, especially on songs “(Into the) Atmopshere” and “Dusted”, the band was a grand surprise as the opener.


A Place To Bury Strangers

Oddly enough, the New York trio A Place to Bury Strangers was up next, despite being the ones touring in support of their upcoming record, Worship. The trio has often been called the loudest live band in New York City, and this is largely due to the thorough wash of reverb and distortion that harkens back to a combination of The Cure and My Bloody Valentine. It is this bath of noise that churns APTBS as they trash around on stage with reckless abandon, sometimes diving behind walls of smoke and bounding in front of seizure-inducing strobe lights. The band, for all of their adherence to total chaos on stage, is remarkably tight in their music and is far from sacrificing quality for energy, or vice versa.


This Will Destroy You

Closing out the night was the instrumental/drone band from Austin, Texas This Will Destroy You. TWDY have a love for distortion and reverb as well, but their post-rock jams couldn’t be any further from APTBS. Their stage presence was a drastic change as well, and it was apparent from the people filing out of the venue that a lot of the concertgoers were there for APTBS. Or maybe they just don’t enjoy staying out late on Monday nights. At any rate, anyone who left early missed out on one of the better post-rock outfits around, and to cap off a grand evening of camaraderie, all members of all bands came out to close out the night with a jam session of sorts. Only — this jam session was missing less instrumental tunes of good spirits and was more just an assault on the eardrums, spearheaded by wave after endless wave of distortion and noise.


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