FYF Fest 2013 Live Show Review: Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, Charles Bradley, Classixx, More (& Photo Gallery)

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, FYF Fest brought together an impressive group of bands once again, always managing to make it seem like it’s a family reunion with its mix of veterans (My Bloody Valentine, Charles Bradley, Roky Erickson, and Flag), newcomers (Lemuria, Fear Of Men, and Poolside) and even that one eccentric, but awesome uncle (Jonathan Richman). No matter your taste, it is not hard to find something that you like, or discover something that you never knew you would like.

August 24th and 25th @ Los Angeles Historic State Historic Park in Los Angeles

Charles Bradley

You wouldn’t normally expect to see a funk/soul singer like Charles Bradley at a mostly indie rock/garage rock/electronic festival, but after catching his set, you’re thankful that FYF Fest had the insight to have Bradley on the lineup. Clocking in at 64 years old, Bradley had some of the best energy and moves of the entire weekend. Songs like “Confusion” and “Crying in the Chapel” were raw and hit you at the core of your soul. Accompanied by a great band, which included a horn section, Bradley transcended hipster boundaries and showed the gritty and honest passion that all music should carry.


Toro y Moi

For any artist whose music is heavy on the electronic side, it can be easy to hide between a laptop or a pyramid of synths. But in the case of Toro y Moi, it was nothing like that. While the sun was still out at 6:00pm, it was refreshing to witness Toro y Moi’s set, which was full of amiability and charm. Whether or not you were familiar with Chaz Bundick, the brains behind Toro y Moi, he and his band welcomed you with open arms. Bundick stood in the center between two keyboards while his hands moved back and forth effortlessly; he kept a cool and calm demeanor, and it was evident that he was very comfortable in his environment.

While the majority of the set was dedicated to songs from Toro y Moi’s latest album, Anything in Return, some old favorites like “New Beat” were also thrown into the mix. What made the set special is that you could easily and freely dance to the infectious beats and cascading synth notes, but at the same time, also feel your brain be stimulated with the intricate layers.


Unlike Toro y Moi, Classix did not perform with a full band, but the producer duo had plenty of presence between the two of them — which, combined with guest vocal appearances, made for a set that left you wanting for more. Highlights included “All You’re Waiting For”, a fun club track that switched between sharp drum beats and whirling astral sounds. On “A Stranger Love”, they brought out Sarah Chernoff from LA band Superhumanoids to provide dulcet and dreamy vocals. However, it wasn’t until “Holding On” and “I’ll Get You” that levels reached sky-high. On the latter, Jeppe jumped on stage to contribute vocals and ask the ultimate question, “Do you like bass?” The crowd responded with a resounding and affirmative cheer.


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