see scott c.

See Scott paint. Paint Scott, paint.
Paint whole new worlds where ninjas fight smiling sushi, clouds are actually ant farms, and E.T. can be found messing around with a mummy. Or Batman. Or a Transformer.

The comic artist tickles us pink with his child-like humor, incorporating ingenius subtleties into vivid images. Something about his tea-stained backdrops and dot-eyed humans takes me back to better times, when naps and chocolate milk were a damn-near huge part of my life.

S’why I’m going to Nucleus on Saturday for the opening reception of Home Slice, Scott C’s largest collection of work (to date). So if you’ve ever wondered what a Cloud Home looks like when its sliced in half, or if you’re just a regular homeslice to the masses, meet me there. We’ll chat over some chocolate milk.

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