Pour Le Corps||MIND Mixtape (#18) Stream & Download

A 23-track mixtape to celebrate two unofficial SXSW showcases taking place the same evening in 2012, designed to facilitate inner and outer harmony through dance rhythms and psyche-altering compositions.

A 23-track mixtape to celebrate two unofficial SXSW showcases taking place the same evening in 2012.BODY||MIND
Friday, March 16th 2012 : DETAILS

Friday, March 16th, 2012 : DETAILS

Curated by Marjorie Owens & Vivian Hua


Download Mixtape (216.8 MB)


Tracks 01 through 10, for BODY||MIND
With memories of last year’s first collaboration showcase with REDEFINE magazine editor Vivian Hua and Holocene Portland curator Gina Altamura still dancing in my head, our second is just a hop, skip and jump away. While uncontrolled forces collided to create a slight conflict (I happen to also be hosting the Pour le Corps Records-Complicated Dance Steps showcase the same night), it hasn’t curbed my anticipation for this year’s event, once again at the ever-hospitable House of Commons. Hua and Altamura have proven to be magic makers with BODY||MIND, a gorgeous line-up from TOPS to Sunarawma and all the in between. – DETAILS

  1. Young Magic – “Sparkly”
  2. Lumerians – “Orgon Grinder”
  3. Royal Baths – “I Detest”
  4. The Night Beats – “Puppet On A String”
  5. Prince Rama – “Summer Of Love”
  6. Sun Araw – “Lute And Lyre”
  7. Midday Veil – “Choreia”
  8. Swahili – “Mokomokai” (Demo)
  9. TOPS – “Diamond Look”
  10. Sam Flax – “Child Of Glass”

Tracks 11 through 23, for Complicated Dance Steps-Pour le Corps
The 2012 Complicated Dance Steps-Pour le Corps Unofficial SXSW Showcase has been a long time coming (or so it feels), and I’m pretty excited. Both Complicated Dance Steps, an L.A.-based tape label, and Pour le Corps Records, from Dallas, began to form over the last year or two.

In the case of PLC, which was co-created by Sean French of eyes, wings and many other things and myself, it’s about the constant evolution of music. While each band is different in their own ways, the one thing they have in common is their nearly every-day desire to create. It was started with a group of North Texas musicians and grew from Austin up to Vancouver, and that growth continues. And I know it’s a similar story for what we like to call our sister label CDS.

While we can’t wait to meet fans and share live music, I think we’re all equally giddy just to get together and geek out. Let the music love and jams overfloweth. – DETAILS

  1. Diamond Age – “Restless Mind” (Reprise)
  2. Matthewdavid – “Gold Rope” (Stones Flip)
  3. Son Fish – “Bell”
  4. Spacebeach – Shark Attack”
  5. Dolores Boys – “Cotton”
  6. Darktown Strutters – “Lucifer Rising”
  7. Xander Harris – “28 Minutes To Infection”
  8. T A S S E L S – “Pressure Mounts”
  9. eyes, wings, and many other things – “In Crumbles”
  10. Tenstairs – “Last Light”
  11. Oedipa Maas – “Tempest, I”
  12. KEEPBULLFIGHTING – “Requiem For EM-1”
  13. Ana & Ina – “You’ll Have To Take Care Of Each Other Now”


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