Raina Rose – When May Came Album Review

It might take a few listens to get into, but Raina Rose’s third full-length album, When May Came, will surprise you with its cohesion and simplicity. Between her big voice, with its unusual blend of twang and jazziness, and her whimsical sense of storytelling, Rose is definitely not just another boring indie folk songstress. There’s a feeling of genuineness that surrounds each track on the album, whether it’s about loneliness and heartbreak in “Stone Around My Neck” or hopefulness in “Sun Comes Back.”

In an era trigger-happy with overdubs and mixing, it’s odd to think that bands still record albums live. But listening to When May Came — which was recorded in a living room over the course of four days — you get a feeling for not only of what Rose might sound like onstage, but also what music means to her… and that’s kind of beautiful.


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