SPECTRAL HYPNOSIS A recurring series, featuring mesmerizing songs for one to lose sense of time and space, mind and body. Hitting the electronic-psych-rock tip today with two bands often loved and supported by REDEFINE -- Oakland's Lumerians and Seattle's Midday Veil -- as well as a Drag City release from the somewhat controversial Father Yod & The Source Family.



Oakland's Lumerians have an upcoming release from Permanent Records in the USA and Hands In The Dark Records in Europe Transmissions From Telos: Vol.IV, out on July 5th. According to Lumerians, the EP is one of "lost orphan songs, hand-picked from [a] overwhelmingly vast improvisation archive. The first in a series of radiation burnt offerings."


Pre-Order From Hands In The Dark (Starting May 29).


When Ty Segall announced that he'd be releasing three albums in 2012, there seemed to be more excitement than skepticism, though the latter is usually the reaction toward most artists trying to pull off such a feat. I'm not sure if that speaks to the value of the Bay Area rocker's music, or if it speaks to people's genuine excitement for his style of grunge revival.


Last year's Goodbye Bread put Ty Segall on the national map in a way that albums like Lemons never managed to. In 2012, Segall seems hell bent on catching up the rest of his cronies -- the collaborators, conspirators and friends which have made southern California the hot bed for psych and garage rock in recent years -- to where he is now. Hair combines the talents of both Segall and White Fence, the stage name of Tim Presely. Presely has also released an album under the White Fence title this year, Family Perfume Vol. 1. Given that context for the album, there are plenty of people who know exactly what this album should sound like before ever hearing it. And, for better or for worse, those people are probably right. Take the more classic rock-influenced style of White Fence, a mutation of The Zombies and The Fall, and throw in some of Segall's ear-piercing guitar squeals and vocals, and you've got yourself the recipe for a pretty damn good album. Hair is maybe less impactful than these individuals have been in their own unique ways, and maybe the expectations from those in the know were a little lofty, but nonetheless, this seemingly inevitable album is still impressive.

"Pop music shouldn't always get a bad rap," says Top Pops!, a recurring selection of pop music highlights across a selection of styles.


Gardens & Villa

We've covered these Santa Barbara groovesters quite a bit, but their trajectory this year is upwards-bound at an intense and exponentially-terrifying rate! If you haven't seen them yet, now is the time; constant touring and being on the road have catapulted them to new heights of live performance expertise, just in time for showing off to Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre at Coachella. We've just posted a series of live tour videos on YouTube, with more to come. Scope out unreleased track "Avalanche" below, from their show last year at Holocene in Portland. They will be returning again to Holocene after Sasquatch, on May 30th -- to play with another band we support: Swahili. Stream a demo of a new Swahili track, below.


Read our interview with Gardens & Villa Watch "Spacetime" Music Video Stream more Gardens & Villa Live Videos On REDEFINE'S YouTube Channel GARDENS & VILLA TOUR DATES 4/26 - Oakland, CA - The New Parish 5/11 - Monterey, CA - Cal State/Black Box Cabaret 5/24 - Davis, CA - Sofia Thai Kitchen 5/25 - Eugene, OR - Sam Bonds Garage 5/25 - George, WA - Sasquatch Festival 5/30 - Portland, OR - Holocene 6/1 - Santa Barbara, CA - Santa Barbara Bowl ^ 6/23 - St. Paul, MN - River's Edge Music Festival 7/7 - Quincy, CA - High Sierra Music Fest 7/8 - Quincy, CA - High Sierra Music Fest


Playing with Gardens & Villa in Portland on May 30th, for a MusicfestNW kick-off party, as mentioned above. Here is a rough demo of Swahili's latest track, "Mokomokai."


November 2nd, 2011 - The Casbah - San Diego, CA The crowd at The Casbah seemed to lovingly embrace fem-fueled rock and three-pieces at the tour stop for Shonen Knife and Oakland's Shannon And The Clams. Between all three acts, all with strong female leads, and...

September 15th, 2011 - Rotture, Portland, OR After sleepwalking through a night and a half of slick, mismatched suburban rock of MusicfestNW, the scent G-funk spilled forth through the weathered slabs of inner SE's Rotture was like blood in the water for those of us begging...

In Japan, Aokigahara is a forest at the base of Mount Fuji. Both a tourist destination of natural bounty and one of the top suicide sites in the world, it is simultaneously so lush it has been nicknamed Sea Of Trees and so mythologically curious that it has become associated with demonic presences. Exemplifying the region's conflicting connotations is The Nocturne's latest album. Aokigahara stirs up feelings from vague spaces -- akin, perhaps, to what the morbidly curious feel when stumbling unexpectedly upon death. In circumstances when one can gain enough distance to view decay in its true artistic form, one can find in death the same sense of elation one finds in anything strange and novel.

With a singular reverbed inhalation from vocalist Emma Ruth Rundle, Aokigahara oozes dreamily into existence. It follows with the haunting line, "Life steals up my breath" -- but contrary to instinct, the mortality captured by these lyrics is not sad. Sonically speaking, it might even be construed as hopeful. With ethereal textures framing the aery vocals, blacks and whites blur into hues of grey, evading definite emotions, like manifestations of dark dreams while one lies in the radiance of morning light.

Listen to "The Road" - DOWNLOAD MP3

The Bumbershoot Festival always throws together one of the more eclectic line-ups in the nation, with a fair combination of "must see"'s, "I've heard about them"'s, and "who the hell are these people"'s spanning across all genres in the musical world. So, with a packed...